Wise Ways #2 - Journey Wise

Next time you take a trip, consider starting and finishing it in a way that respects people and place. In many indigenous cultures around the world, it is considered proper protocol to ask permission and give thanks when you enter and leave the traditional lands of another people. Most often a Tribal Leader or Elder grants this permission to enter and leave their territory. This custom may seem difficult in our modern world of train, plane, and automobile travel...we may not know whose traditional lands we're on or even if we do, we may have no way to ask someone from the local peoples for permission to enter or leave their territory. It is certainly best to communicate with someone in person, but if you don't know whose land you're on (you should try to find this out as soon as possible) or can't find someone to speak with, simply ask permission and give thanks to the land, the people of the land, for safe journeys, whatever else comes to mind and is appropriate, etc. Don't have time you say? Just making a quick transfer in Dallas or Chicago? You can always send a thank you note after the fact when you're done with your travels and have time to research the local peoples of the places you visited. Specific customs vary with indigenous peoples around the world regarding arrival and departure protocol but the small gesture described above goes along way towards respecting people and place when traveling, whether near or far.