10 Years of Future-ish | Our First 10 Posts

That's right, December 2016 marks ten years of unique reporting and innovative promotions of the science, design, and culture that is shaping the future of our world. We're excited and hope you are too...woo hoo!!! Our passion to increase interest, literacy, and involvement in science, design, and culture continues to grow, as well as our commitment to have a lot of fun along the way. We look forward to offering even more good stuff in the decades to come.

We plan to celebrate in lots of little ways throughout 2017. Our monthly '10 out of 10' lists are one of those little ways. Below is our first '10 out 10' list. Enjoy!

Our First 10 Posts
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  6. Seed Magazine
  7. Marcel Diallo Does Good in Oakland
  8. Fast Future | Fashion's Future
  9. Skins Footwear
  10. Jaak Panksepp Named Chair of Animal Well-being Science

SeanChron | Praise for Nature's Endorsement of a Candidate in a National Presidential Election

On October 19, 2016, the prestigious science journal Nature took the brave and unprecedented step of endorsing a candidate for a national presidential election. In this case, it was the 2016 American presidential election and the endorsement was for Hillary Clinton.

The last time Nature chimed in on politics, March 2011, it was in response to Republicans cutting funding for the National Science Foundation by $4.6 billion, so perhaps somewhat warranted in the opinion of many scientists and other Nature readership. This time around, Nature's editorial is creating much more controversy. Some are praising the journal while others are admonishing it for wading into politics at all, especially the 2016 American presidential election, and cancelling their subscriptions.

Well, I'd like to make Future-ish's opinion on Nature's endorsement clear...we love it! One of the reasons I started Future-ish was to get more scientists, designers, and cultural leaders into politics. That objective certainly encompasses science, design, and culture media as well. It is THE reason we started our Public Intellectual Service & Advocacy (PISA) List.

Interestingly, I haven't seen that endorsements by major design or culture focused journals or magazines have been all that controversial, perhaps because their endorsements were expected. But science, scientists, and science journals are a different creature. Some see 'science' as objective while others see it as completely biases depending on who is doing it, for what reason, where the funding has come from, and (LOL, but perhaps most legitimate) which politician or policy maker is interpreting it.

So to have scientists and/or science journals start speaking out on politics makes some uncomfortable. It reminds me a bit of when the Dixie Chicks spoke out against President Bush and many of their fans responded by saying "just shut up and sing". If you read the comments on the online version of the editorial, the preference for science and Nature to 'just shut up and report science' comes across pretty loud and clear.

Discouraging people form speaking out is never a good thing. So Future-ish says BRAVO! to Nature, we hope to see more science-related journals, magazines, other media, and scientists themselves speaking out on political matters, even if they don't endorse the legislation, policy, or candidate we might endorse.

Below is the article as it appeared in the print edition:

Cocktail Astronomy | Brahe's Marvelous Moustache

Image credit: Mads Nissen for Politiken.dk

Here at Future-ish, we love astronomy and we love cocktails. So to prep our fans (and ourselves) for those stellar weekend cocktail conversations, we are pleased to offer our Cocktail Astronomy post each Friday.

This week we join our fans around the world in celebrating Movember, the annual moustache growing (well, we've seen a few ladies and gentlemen glue them on too...in an "Mo" emergency of course) charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men's health issues, particularly prostate, testicular, and other forms of men's cancer.

We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the event than to raise a cocktail in honor of the very famous and very moustachioed 16th Century Danish astronomer, Tycho Brahe. Brahe made many discoveries in the fields of astronomy and alchemy, but he is most noted for his his incredibly accurate observations of our solar system and many stars, noting a supernova in 1572, and providing evidence that comets are heavenly bodies rather than weather related. Brahe's celestial mechanics and detailed star maps were later used by Johannes Kepler in his theories of planetary motion.

SeanChron | Eco Fashion Week - Fall 2016

Eco Fashion Week made its first appearance in Seattle and I was SO excited to be a part of the inaugural year. I was one of the Collective Conversation speakers at the 2016 spring Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver and was over-the-top inspired by both the shows that I attended and the Collective Conversation panels.

Here are some photos of me and some fabulous people from the media wall this year...
Photos from 2016 Seattle Eco Fashion Week. L to R, with Eco Fashion Week Producer, Nancy Bouchard; with just a few of the production team; with Eco Fashion Week Founder, Myriam Laroche. Images credit: Dominic Arenas.

This year was even more inspiring as last year. I posted a few photos below, you'll see I made a couple small purchases...bow ties from Radley Raven that specializes in creating gentlemen's accessories, handmade in Seattle from rare vintage fabrics.

Below are photos from the Eco Fashion Week Staff of the Collective Conversation panels, perhaps the most important part of the week.

Panelists included:

  • Karim Lessard, Chief of Staff, EVRNU
  • Ruth True, Founder, Nube9
  • Kelsey Halling, Director of Impact, Thread
  • Kathy Hattori, Founder and President, Botanical Colors
  • Moderated by Alison Morrow, Reporter, King 5
  • Nancy Judd, Owner, Recycle Runway
  • Erin Nelson, Co-director, Seattle Made
  • Kerri Ulloa, Green Eileen
  • Kevin Myette, Director, North America, Bluesign Technologies
  • Moderated by Eve Andrews, Grist
  • Introducing the Value Village Rethink Reuse Panel, Ken Alterman, President & CEO, Savers/Value Village.
  • Liz Fikejs, Senior Conservation Program Manager, Resource Conservation, Seattle Public Utilities (Threadcycle program)
  • Eric Stubin, President of SMARTs Board of Directors
  • Denise Small, Senior Director of Marketing & Business Development, Northwest Center
  • Moderated by Tony Shumpert, Vice President of Recycling and Reuse, Savers/Value Village

Schuhplattler Sean | Blondbeard, Bavarian Cookie Pirate makes his annual appearance

Schuhplattler Sean is our founder's occasional journal on his adventures as a Schuhplattler (Bavarian Folk Dancer). Prost!
We all need a little good pirate time. These photos are from my Schuhplattler club's annual pirate party. Why a pirate party? Why not! Below are 2016s contributions to Blondbeard, the Bavarian Cookie Pirate who is always on the hunt for Oktoberfest Lebkuchenherzen (heart cookies).

NewsFusion | 035

NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough. Image credit: NASA

NewsFusion for November 2016


2016 Stylish Scientist List

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Annual Lists: 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016

Our 2016 most stylish scientists: Debbie Berebichez, Marga Gual Soler, Andrea Hadjikyriacou, and Igor Stagljar

October 2016. Future-ish is pleased to announce our 6th annual list of the world's most stylish scientists.

The individuals on our list are changing the world with their innovative research and changing stereotypes every time they make an appearance expressing their oh-so-stylish selves.

Unlike a simple 'best dressed' list, our Stylish Scientist List isn't about trends and expensive labels, its about individuals expressing themselves and their individuality in their life and work. The individuals on the list prove that along with doing fascinating research, scientists are fascinating people, from athletes and techies to chefs and yes...even fashionistas.

We hope that our many and diverse stylish scientists will serve as role models to inspire everyone - from middle-schoolers and the Mom next door to movie stars and musicians - to become inspired, informed, and engaged in the numerous fields of science, technology, engineering, and math that shape our future, as well as help us understand the past.

Looking for even more stylish scientists? Check out Allie Wilkinson's This is What a Scientist Looks Like Tumblr or our Stylish Scientist label with posts from Olya Yarychkivska on her blog, Lunarka's Treasure Box. The newest entry into stylish scientist scene is Sartorial Science.

The Most Stylish Scientists of 2016
The 2016 list includes a wide range of scientists and researchers, from neuroscientists and archaeologists to physicists and technology experts - and they all prove that it is possible to be a person of both substance and style. Best of all, in 2016 we added TWENTY FIVE more individuals to our lists.

Who made the list? Who is in the top spot...the world's most stylish scientist? Wait no further, the full 2016 Stylish Scientist List is here.

The 2016 most stylish scientists: Debbie Berebichez, Marga Gual Soler, Andrea Hadjikyriacou, and Igor Stagljar.

That is correct, for 2016 we have a three-way tie for or the #1 spot on the Women's list. We scored our the list four different ways (changing weights on variables) and each time we had a tie. This year we also included a separate listing of individuals added in 2016. And, similar to last year, we listed the top 10 scientists on each list in order to recognize them for their outstanding efforts in science, science communication, STEM outreach, etc. The rest of our scientists for each list are then listed alphabetically.

The 2016 Stylish Scientist List - Women

Debbie Berebichez, Marga Gual Soler, and Andrea Hadjikyriacou

2016 Top 10 Stylish Scientists - Women
1. Debbie Berebichez | Physicist
1. Marga Gual Soler | Science Diplomat
1. Andrea Hadjikyriacou | Molecular Biologist
2. Diane Nalini de Kirchkov | Physicist
3. Danielle N. Lee | Biologist
4. Christina Ochoa | Actress, Scientist
5. Charee Peters | Astronomy Graduate Student
6. Shini Somara | Engineer
7. Jessica Taffe | Global Health Scientist
8. Pardis Sabeti | Geneticist
9. Judy Lee | Engineer, Industrial Designer
10. Baroness Susan Grieenfield | Neuroscientist

2016 Additions - Women (full list here)
Heather Christofk | Molecular Biologist
Michelle Dickenson | Nanotechnologist
Susan Eaton | Geologist
Chantle Ellidor | Human Geneticist
Danielle Fong | Energy Engineer
Priyarshini Ghosh | Nuclear Engineer
Andrea Hadjikyriacou | Molecular Biologist
Bertha Hidalgo | Genetic Epidimiologist
Michelle Khine | Biomedical Engineer
Heather Knight | Robotics Engineer
Yolanda Lopez | Human Ecologist
Dava Newman | Aeronautics, Astronomics Engineer
Tali Sharot | Neuroscientist
Sarah Wasserman | Neuroscientist
Daniela Witten | Biostatistician
Catherine Young | Neuroscientist

The 2016 Stylish Scientist List - Men

Igor Stagljar

2016 Top 10 Stylish Scientists - Men
1. Igor Stagljar | Molecular Biologist
2. Phil Torres | Entomologist
3. Gregory Mack | Theoretical Astrophysicist
4. Derek Muller | Science Communicator
5. Yemi Jegeda | Mechanical Engineer
6. Noah Wilson Rich | Bee Scientist
7. Pradiip Alvarez | Astrophysicist
8. Brian Cox | Physicist, TV Host, Musician
9. David Close | Fisheries Biologist
10. Jason De León | Anthropologist

2016 Additions - Men (full list here)
Nuno Bandeira | computational biologist
Eric Berlow | Ecologist
Patrick Hsu | Bioengineer
Yemi Jegeda | Mechanical Engineer
Uri Laserson | Geneticist
Jean-Baptiste Michel | Data Scientist
Derek Muller | Science Communicator
Sebastian Seung | Neuroscientist
Noah Wilson Rich | Bee Scientist
Nathan Wolfe | Virologist