Distillery Design Marries Old with New

The distillery and visitor center of Southern Tyrol's Puni Whiskey is getting as much attention as it's award-winning spirits, which are actually the first single malt whiskeys made in Italy. Inspired by the windows in stone barns in the area, architect Werner Tscholl, created a structure for the distillery that honored the traditional local architecture yet kept Puni squarely in the modern aesthetic.

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Pretty and Pacified in Baker Miller Pink

This pink hoodie can calm you down and even save your life. It's true.

Combining the science of color and physiology with wearable technology the creators of the Vollebak Baker Miller Pink hoodie have designed a garment that can help elite athletes and explorers not only stay at their best mental state. The hoodie may indeed keep you warm but it will also chill you out. Best of all, its not just 'pretty in pink', the jacket is insulated, water repellent, and wind resistant so serves as a great high-performance mid layer as well.

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Mercury transit, May 2016.
Image credit: The Guardian. See gallery for more images.

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See Spectrum | Faena Hotel Miami

Reception lounge at Faena Hotel Miami. Image credit: Booking.com

It has been a while since we added to our See Spectrum Collection, but the lounge at the Faena Hotel Miami was too good to pass up. The hotel was designed by Argentinean hotelier Alan Faena and it brings his "Creating Utopias" perspective straight to Miami Beach.

Westin's Element Hotels | Essentials of Balanced Travel

Element Times Square

Starwood's Westin chain has created a new division of hotels called Element that focuses on balanced travel. The hotels include amenities that range from daylight-flooded rooms and healthy meals on the go to bikes and wine receptions. A clear sign that the future of business and other travel is poised to become more uplifting than exhausting.

Fab Facets | Bold Bowls

If you know Future-ish you know that we have a huge crush on anything with facets. So these handmade bowls by Portland, OR based glass blower Lynn Read, Crystal Dish, easily caught our eye. Completely customizable and available in a variety of colors, they are another perfect gift for the science or design geek in your life (including yourself).

SeanChron | Eco Fashion Week 2016

(L to R) Erin Cebula, Glencora Twigg, Sean Schmidt, Jenny Hughes, Nicole Bridger). From the 2016 Eco Fashion Week Collective Conversation Session 2 on manufacturing in North America, participants below. Image credit: Byron Dauncey

Had a BLAST at 2016 Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver, BC. Amazing people, fantastic collections, and I learned a ton participating in the Collected Conversation sessions. I'll be updating this post soon with a full report but wanted to get a HUGE THANK YOU up to the organizers of Eco Fashion Week for inviting me to participate in this incredibly inspiring, and REALLY fun, event.

Collective Conversation is an educational series for fashion industry members and the general public. The day of open dialogue aims to provide information on the challenges, opportunities and innovations facing the sustainability of the garment and textile industry.

Moderator: Erin Cebula, ET Canada

Glencora Twigg, VCAD
Sean Schmidt, Future-ish
Jenny Hughes, Mine & Yours
Nicole Bridger, Nicole Bridger

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Six of GM's "Damsels of Design," photographed circa 1955. From left: Suzanne Vanderbilt, Ruth Glennie, Marjorie Ford Pohlman, Harley Earl, Jeanette Linder, Sandra Logyear, Peggy Sauer. Image credit: General Motors Design Archive & Special Collections via WNYC

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