Progress Chic | Utility Canvas Throws

OK, we confess...we have a bit of a modern quilt fetish. How can you not like tried-and-true craftsmanship with a modern twist?

So, we instantly fell in love with the line of printed throws from Utility Canvas. Utility Canvas is a company started in 1990 by Hal Grano and Jillian Kaufman-Grano that combines an eye for design with the functionality of sturdy sports apparel and accessories. Lucky for us, the printed throws are just one of their offerings. There are many other apparel items and accessories that are just as appealing.

See Spectrum | The Present Clock

We're quite sure that The Present Clock should win some sort of international award. This annual clock designed by Scott Thrift offers a new way to appreciate time...slowly, over the course of a full year. Gone or the anxious modern world tied to hours, minutes, and seconds. With The Present Clock, our perception of time is expanded and we get a chance to enjoy the moment.

The Present Clock is a great addition to our See Spectrum collection. It allows us to enjoy and appreciate the full spectrum of the seasons and our lives. We're looking forward to the wrist-watch version...hint, hint.

Mr. Jackdoor Door Wedge

Here at Future-ish we are suckers for little modern wood creatures. So the Mr. Jackdoor Door Wedge has us all twitterpated because it has great form AND function...its a doorstop!

Designed by Philip Crewe for UK retailer Really Well Made, the little bird is made from sustainably sourced Yew and the beeswax polish comes from respected beekeeper Mary Case who has been tending to her beehives for over twenty years. The doorstop functionality is wonderful but what's even better is that Mr. Jackdoor is so cute that it can also simply be a piece of art.

Progress Chic | Bunad Blankets

These colorful wool Bunad Blankets from UK retailer Really Well Made are inspired by patterns from regions in Norway: Setesdal, Nordland, Fusa, Bringeklut, and Sunnmøre. The blankets offer contemporary graphic design but the ‘Bunader’ they take after are actually traditional costumes with roots in rural clothes from the 18th and 19th centuries. Designer Andreas Engesvik worked with century-old Norwegian manufacturer Mandal Veveri to make the Blankets. Another great exampel of what's old is new again.

RobotWatch | Grizzly

Meet Grizzly, the newest member of the modern farm movement. Developed by Clearpath Robotics as robot/tractor hybrid concept to carry out any sort of all-terrain tasks, the electric-powered vehicle can do it all...from handling challenging landscapes and scaring birds and other pests to harvesting crops and hauling heavy loads.

SeanChron | Canoe Crops on Top Chef

Chef Shirley Chung choosing her Canoe Crops.
Image credit: David Moir/Bravo via

Sean the huge culture geek here and once again I was really pleased to see culture taking center stage in the final episodes of Top Chef Season 11. The season was primarily based in New Orleans, where culture also had a starring role, but the final episodes were on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

It should come as no surprise the chefs would want to showcase local proteins and produce that have cultural meaning and value but Top Chef took it a step further and in the elimination challenge of Episode 16, the remaining chefs (Shirley Chung, Nina Compton, Nicholas Elmi, and Louis Maldonado) were tasked to use the Canoe Crops that ancient Polynesians first brought to Hawaii.

The dish I was most impressed with (and perhaps a plug for who I think should have won the season) was Nina Compton's Grilled Opah with Taro Root and Coconut Puree (below).

Experiment | A New Science Crowdfunding Platform

Here at Future-ish, we're always jazzed to hear about innovative ways to increase interest, literacy, and involvement in science, design, and culture. Science in particular always seems to be the hardest area to get folks jazzed about.

So when we stumble upon something like Experiment, we get really excited. Started as Mycroryza in 2012, the crowdfunding platform received support from venture capitalists in 2013 and the becoming history. There are other crowdfunding websites that support science projects but Experiment is the only site that focuses exclusively on science. From biology and computer science to medicine and economics, Experiment is sure to have a project that will match your interests and make you want to contribute over and over again.

Indie science rocks!

Formlabs 3D Printer

The 3D printing revolution keeps marching on. For a similar price to other advanced paper printers, the Formlabs Form 1 3D Printer brings 3D printing right to your kitchen counter. Now anyone can print up 3D objects, fashion forward jewelry to fine art sculpture replicas.