SeanChron | Restaurant Review | Brigit & Bernard's Garden Cafe

Mahi Mahi meets the Matterhorn

I've been wanting to go to Brigit & Bernard's Garden Cafe for years during my visits to Maui but could never make it happen. Finally made it and am SO glad I did!

The location is as authentic Hawaii as it comes...smack in the middle of industrial area. From outside its not all that impressive but once inside, the fusion of alpen and aloha begins. From the mounted mahi mahi to the rafters lined with steins, you definitely get that you are eating Swiss/German/Alpen food in Hawaii.

The service was island time, but that's a good thing in my opinion. The food...SCHMEDKT auf Deutsch, ONO in Hawaiian. Really, I was blown away. I don't eat farmed meat so I'm a bit limited on choices but my food was amazing the the appetizers and entrees that went buy looked pretty darn tasty...which was confirmed by the other diners.

If your looking for change up from the usual island fair, try Brigit & Bernard's out...its the best of alpen food with a lot of aloha.

Alpen Aloha

Cheesy Mushroom Bread


SeanChron | Cafe Review | Wailuku Coffee Company

The Wailuku Coffee Company is far from new but this is the first trip that I was able to visit. Confessions...I went to Wailuku Coffee Company every day during my May 2015 stay...several times on some days. Great coffee, other beverages, and food. I actually had the banana smoothie each ono! Everybody knows each other here, a true local hangout and community cafe.

SeanChron | Food Review | Oki's Seafood Corner

New find for poke on Maui. Oki's Seafood Corner is tucked inside the Kahului Food land located at 275 W Kaahumanu Ave. It is SO ONO! There are actually too many choices. Beginners...try the California Roll or Spicy Tuna. Advanced...lots of adventurous choices.

SeanChron | Travel Review | Wailuku Guesthouse

Found a great place to stay for my Maui 2015 trip, had a wonderfule experience all the way, stay, check out. The guesthouse experience may not be for everyone but if you're tired of the tourist experience, the Wailuku Guesthouse is a great option. Plantation style interior design, all the important amenities, great location, great respect for local culture, and it feels like home. The location is fantastic. Easy walk to the main street in Wailuku with shops and restaurants. There are also some great sites nearby...Bailey House Museum, the public library, and several churches. In addition, getting anywhere on Maui from Wailuku is super easy. There was ono (tasty) banana bread waiting for me upon arrival and another ono treat mid stay. Maureen even made a special lei for me to wear in the canoe ceremony I organized to spread my Mothers ashes. I will stay here again and again.

You know its a good guesthouse if shoes come off outside.

NewsFusion | 015

The already iconic image of Caitlyn Jenner on the cover and feature of the June 2015 issue of Vanity Fair. Styled by Jessica Diehl and photographed by Annie Leibovitz

NewsFusion for June 2015


Cocktail Astronomy | Quasar Quartet

Image credit: Hennawi & Arrigoni-Battaia, MPIA via Astronomy Now

Here at Future-ish, we love astronomy and we love cocktails. So to prep our fans (and ourselves) for those stellar weekend cocktail conversations, we are pleased to offer our Cocktail Astronomy post each Friday.

Some of our readers may be off to the symphony tonight or this weekend to listen to their favorite classical pieces. Among them there will certainly be some exceptional quartets. For this week's Cocktail Astronomy we are sharing a story from Astronomy Now about a cosmic quartet of four quasars recently discovered by a a group of astronomers led by Joseph Hennawi of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy using the W.M. Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

Quasars are produced by matter falling into black holes. The existence of this quartet is sending scientists back to the drawing board regarding the formation and evolution of quasars because generally quasars are so rare and so far apart. Not these four fine fellows. Scientists are also now referring to the nebula surrounding the quasars the "Jackpot Nebula" given the rarity of the nebula itself and that of the quasars within it. Rare event on top of rare event...perhaps a stop at the local casino after the symphony is in order.

>> More information about the discovery is available in the May 15, 2015 issue of Science.

TBT | HG Wells & Future Studies

Wells in 1890

For a little throw back Thursday fun we wanted to point the spotlight at Mr. H. G. Wells, considered by many to be the founder of what we today call 'future studies.' In 1902, Wells delivered a lecture at London's Royal Institution titled "The Discovery of the Future" that called for scientific studies of the future rather than simply speculating on the future. The lecture followed an book published in 1901 that made many predictions on the future, some of which were quite accurate. In 1933, during a BBC broadcast, Wells went so far as to advocate for the establishment of "Departments and Professors of Foresight. Wells is also well known for his works of fiction that made predications of the future as well.

>> Future Studies Wikipedia page
>> H. G. Wells Wikipedia page

Farm Forward | Mason Lane Farm

Image credit: de Leon & Primer Architecture Workshop.

Our search for modern farm houses, barns, and other structures continues. The LEED Silver, award-winning Mason Lane Farm in Goshan, KY by de Leon & Primer Architecture Workshop is one of our newest favorites. Completed in 2009, the farm is a 2,000 acre property with a mix of functions including conservation, recreation, and a variety of agricultural operations and storage activities. All done with sustainability in mind and an eye for great, functional design.