Throwback Thursday | Future Shock

We're starting up a new weekly feature here at Future-ish, Throwback Thursday. Yeah, we're a little behind the times but we had to figure out our particular spin on Throwback Thursdays. Our plan, revisit predictions of the future from years past. We've seen this done a several times out there, hopefully our 'retro foresight' version will keep our readers as entertained as we are researching the stories.

First can we not start with Alvin Toffler's Future Shock. Future-ish founder, Sean Schmidt, first blogged on the book back in October 2010 with, The Invisible Force of Future Shock. If you haven't read the book, you should. As with any effort to predict the future, some things were spot on, some things were way off.

Here's a quote from a 2010 NPR interview with the Tofflers in which Alvin Toffler responds to the NPR's Martin Kaste's question, "Why be a futurist?"
"Because it makes you think, it opens up the questions of what's possible. Not necessarily what will be, but what's possible."

Cheers to more wondering about what's possible!

Water Wednesday | Warka Wins Big

Fog and/or dew harvesting is an ancient technology but it is being optimized in modern day design. The Warka Water Tower has been around for several years as a concept but it received the World Design Organization's 2016 World Design Impact Prize following its first installation in Ethiopia. The tower's ability to harvest water from air allows for clean water in even the most remote communities.

Transportation Tuesday | Olli is Getting Around

Olli, a self-driving cognitive vehicle created by Arizona-based Local Motors is getting around. With trials and active operations underway in cities like Berlin, National Harbor (Maryland), Knoxville, and Tempe, they are likely to be seen - and used - more and more. We're pretty excited to see this technology go from concept to market so quickly...what science fiction series or movie DOESN'T have self driving vehicles. A major milestone in mobility for sure.

Progress Chic | Modern World Watering Can

They saying goes "what's old is new again". That certainly holds for any of the items that are part of our Progress Chic spotlighted products. But in the case of the Blomus Verdo Watering Can, the word "newer" is even more appropriate. It is clearly an ultra contemporary update to a traditional gardening tool but the wood handles bring both a touch of rustic and an additional modern element to what would otherwise be just another modern watering can.

See Spectrum | Reimagined Lord of the Rings Covers

Our affection for spectrums never ends. This latest find is one of the most creative. This Behance contribution by Matthieu Jeanson offers new covers for the Lord of the Rings series that features a minimalist ring and color gradients that complement each other while also relating to the storyline within.

Fab Facets | Polygon Planter Gem

We love facets. We love planters. We love wood. So how could we not fall in love with this little polygon planter gem by Etsy shop RawOriginals?