Cocktails and Constants

Manhattans will never be the same...from now on, they'll make you smarter. These cocktail Math Glasses feature mathematical constants and arithmetical formulas that won't let your mind dull for a minute when enjoying your favorite libation. Impress your friends with a toast to/with Pythagoras's constant, Pi, Phi,or Euler's Number.

Science-inspired ABC Blocks

From Acute Angle to Zeolite, the whole alphabet is covered in these Super Nerdy ABC Blocks by Georgia-based designer Tiffany Ard available exclusively at Uncommon Goods. Handcrafted in Michigan from local basswood and printed with non-toxic inks, it is the perfect gift for the toddler (or science- and/or design-enthusiast adult) in your life.

Cork Globe

Being fans of future-shaping science, design, and culture around the world it was love at first site with this little Cork Globe from Uncommon Goods. With a 10" diameter, its the perfect little world to track your travels and even post little pics and reminders of your favorite destinations.

Lustrous Metal Mobile

Being design geeks, we love coming across a great mobile here at Future-ish. This Blowing Leaves Copper Mobile by Jay Jones for Uncommon Goods ads a little science to the moving scuplture with its beautiful casts of ginkgo leaves.

Winebottle Water Garden

Fresh from Idaho and Uncommon Goods comes these super hip little Grow Bottles. Made from re-purposed wine bottles, they offer the perfect little hydroponic world for growing herbs in small spaces. You can get just one or start a collection of all the herbs they offer.

Sipping Science

Would you like cream with your science? Coffee and tea will never be the same. Now you can get smarter with each sip with these Earth Science Cups by designers Jason Snyder and Briana Feola, available at Uncommon Goods. Whether its cross-sections of the earth or aquatic layers of the ocean, these mugs offer a treat for your mouth and your mind.

Cocktails on the Rocks

Want a little geology with that gin and tonic? Designer Anna Rabinowicz and Uncommon Goods can do just that. The Agate Coaster Set features color-enhanced Brazilian agate slices that make for will make for great conversation starters at your next cocktail party.

Shifting Sands

The mini desktop sandbox just evolved. The Meditation Box from Uncommon Goods allows users to serenely create pictures and words that in a field of white sand that is sure to sooth any restless mind. Missouri based designer Jane Riew has elevated personal quiet time to a calming and creative outlet.