SeanChron | Melanie Cheung Hongis with Pope Francis

Māori Huntington's Disease researcher Dr. Melanie Cheung meets Pope Francis in Rome with a hongi. Image credit: via Melanie Cheung)

This is SO awesome! Proof that science and culture can coexist (though there is much history that still needs to be healed). Notice her small cultural protocol in the video when she enters the lab. She spent many years developing cultural protocols for her work to compliment the scientific protocols that are part of her research on Huntington's Disease.

Having met Melanie on several occasions, I could tell she was a game changer, plus she always did things in a fun positive way. Definitely my world's colliding too...paddling and Schuhplattler (strong Catholic traditions). Mahalo and Aloha to Melanie 🌺

Full article: Hongi-ing the Holy Father: The Kiwi who taught Pope Francis the traditional Maori greeting

NewsFusion | 039

Protecting ancient Guatamalan weaving designs.
Image credit: via Ms. Magazine

NewsFusion for May 2017


NewsFusion | 038

Graphic for water in EPA's 1977 EPA Standards Manual.
Image credit: Steff Geisbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar Associates/EPA

NewsFusion for April 2017


SeanChron | The Jetsons Have Arrived

I literally jumped out of my seat when I saw this video today of the Lilium flying car maiden flight. There's a great story behind the little jet...the design, the people, the fact that it is quiet and electric (and thus emission free) are all amazing. But the video though! It looks like it is straight out of a scifi tv show or movie. But it's not generated! This is the real thing folks.

Check it out...

Far Out Architecture | Pearl River Tower

Our latest crush on far out architecture is the Pearl River Tower in Guangzhou, China. It features a stunning design but also some of the most advanced cost-saving, high performance, and sustainability features in modern architecture. Designed by international architecture, engineering, and urban planning firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) it is yet another inspiring accomplishment in their tradition of design excellence, innovation, and sustainability.

Miss Next Century

Miss Next Century 2017, Jasmmine Kaur Ramgotra.
Image credit: Avi Loud.

Future-ish is pleased to announce our selection for Miss Next Century 2017: Canadian dancer, choreographer, model and visual designer, Jasmmine Kaur Ramgotra.

Miss Next Century 2017 - Jasmmine Kaur Ramgotra
Miss Next Century 2016 - Nina Davuluri
Miss Next Century 2015 - Kara Wilke
Miss Next Century 2014 - Adrienne Keene
Miss Next Century 2013 - Manalani Mili Hokoana English
Miss Next Century 2012 - Summer Rayne Oakes
Miss Next Century 2011 - Alyssa Campanella

22nd Century Role Models
We launched our Citizens of the Next Century List in 2010 and have had a fantastic time adding new individuals to the list each December. Our "next century citizens" are people that we feel are way ahead of their time. They are passionate about the science, design, and culture shaping our future and - more importantly - they are actively creating a better! In 2011, we announced our first ever Miss Next Century and based on the positive feedback we received, we decided to continue naming a Miss Next Century each year. You can look forward to a new Miss Next Century each February.

Congratulations to all of our Miss Next Century titleholders! Keep up the good work, keep inspiring us, and keep being fantastic role models for young women everywhere!!!