SeanChron | New Documentary: Living in the Future's Past

How can I not get excited about a new documentary titled Living in Future's Past? Add to that that it was produced and narrated by Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges and I'm Kristen Wiig's character Sue on the Saturday Night Live Surprise Party skit. Directed by Susan Kucera, the film is being billed as a "t o ur de force of original thinking on who we are and the environmental challenges we face". Goes without saying...I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing and reviewing the movie. The screening in Seattle where I live is October 9th so look for an update on this post in early October.

SeanChron | Good Job Earth!

Here's some good news...According to the Global Footprint Network, the annual Earth Overshoot Day has not moved much since 2011, despite population growth. This means that efforts we are all making to reduce our impact on the world IS WORKING!!!

In addition, the Ecological Footprint per person for high-income countries has declined 12.9 percent since 2000. The US per person figure has declined 18.4 percent! Yaaaaaaaaaas!!!