Stylish, Silver-plated Hoodie

Now you can look fabulous and safeguard yourself against electromagnetic radiation with this silver-plated deluxe travel hoodie from Arjuna, a New York based company named after the Sanskrit word for "silver" or "bright". Silver has been used for centuries for both protection and fashion, but Arjuna has harnessed the metal to create a shield against electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and other electronics. With the textile plated with 18%-by-weight pure silver ions, think of it as modern armor. If you prefer not to wear silver hoodie 24/7, a pouch to hold your cellphone is also available.

Devine Dining at The Jane in Antwerp

The motto "Food is our Religion" is quite apropos for the new restaurant, The Jane, in Antwerp. Residing in a converted military hospital chapel, The Jane and her Chefs Servio Herman and Nick Bril have created an experience that transcends the ages with food and and interiors by that feeds the soul. The ultra-modern stained-glass windows by Studio Job certainly helps to raise spirits as well, referring to the cocktails of course.


Grond-Geluid or "Groundsound' is the title of an acoustic landiscape project of Dutch designer Paul de Kort that reduces noise pollution around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, one of the world's busiest airports. Groundsound and the resulting public park, Buitenschot that resulted from the project offer grand ridges that mimic small sand ripples left by waves on a beach but they go a great distance in addressing the low frequency ground noise created by departing flights at the nearby airport.

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This landscape-scale sculpture designed by Italian design firm Architecture and Vision is actually a giant basket that captures water from condensation gathered on plastic mesh textile. Warkawater is named after the towering Ethiopian "warka" fig tree and stands 12m tall. It weighs only 90 kg but can collect up to 100 liters of potable drinking water a day. It is an elegant (both beautiful and simple) solution to water scarcity around the world.

The Interval | Smart Stylish Salon

A new venue in San Francisco offers up style, smarts, and tasty spirits. Located in San Francisco's Fort Mason Center, The Interval is part bar, part cafe, part museum and all salon. With a clock designed to last 10,000 years and the time traveling cocktails of Jennifer Colliau, time spent at Interval is guaranteed to include great conversation. Add to all this that the venue is also home to The Long Now Foundation and we can't think of a better place to discuss the science, design, and culture shaping the future

SeanChron | Building Robot Trust

Image credit: Lamosca via Wired

Great article in the June 2014 Wired Magazine by Emily Anthes on our relationship with robots, artificial intelligence, and machines in general. In Trusting Our Robots, Anthes explores the major challenge of building trust with robots and some of the ways this can be done...primarily by building systems into robots that share information about how and why they might fail in their tasks. Interesting...seems all that scifi was right, hard-wiring human imperfections, such as the ability to express self-doubt, may be a good thing after all.

A Spectrum of Scientists, a Rainbow of Researchers

Discovering that visible light is made up of a spectrum of colors is one of the first and most inspiring things we learn in science. That same spectrum of colors is then used throughout many fields of science to help us understand our world.

To celebrate LGBT Pride Month (aka Gay Pride), we put together a post with information and resources by, for, and about the LGBTQA community and science, technology, engineering, and math (aka STEM). As far as we're concerned, there is and always be a little ROYGBIV in all science. Lucky for us, the world of STEM is as diverse as any other community.

Queer in STEM

Conferences & Events
oSTEM Annual Conference | Nov 7-9, 2014 | Atlanta
Out to Innovate Summit | Nov 8-9, 2014 | Atlanta

General STEM
Out4STEM (Philadelphia)
Out in Tech

Field-Specific Resources
LGBTPM+ (UPenn Medicine)
Nuclear Pride (Nuclear Engineering)

Online Articles & Posts
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Progress Chic | The Icon E-Flyer

It's a little rad, it's a little retro...and it is really cool. The Icon E-Flyer is one of the best offerings in the electric bike landscape we've come across. It offers great vintage design references while also serving up modern lines and the latest technology. The basic mode goes 20 mpg but you can sign up for the revved up version which gets 35mph. Coming in just under $5,000 it isn't that much more than some other e-bikes currently available, but the E-Flyer comes with so much more road cred.