SeanChron | Das Triadische Ballett

A new friend of mine recently introduced me to Das Triadische Ballet (The Triadic Ballet) by Oskar Schlemmer and I feel compelled to share it far and wide because it is one of the most creative things I have come across in a long time. What blows my mind is that it was originally imagined in 1912 but it still seems way ahead of its time even today. The image above and video below are of a 1970 performance of the ballet.

Conceptualized in 1912, the ballet had a partial debut in 1916 and then a full debut in 1922, both in Stuttgart. Music was by Paul Hindemith and the original dancers were Albert Burger und Elsa Hötzel. The opus became one of the key showpieces and ambassador of the Bauhaus movement in the 1920s and beyond. The piece explores figure and space in a sort of choreographed geometry and consists of a male dancer and two female dancers in twelve dances that take place in three rooms that represent different moods.

in three room dance, dance form and dance gesture. Three dancers (one dancer and two dancers) dance twelve dances in a total of eighteen costumes.

Several original costumes from the ballet along with other Schlemmer works are kept at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. Aa major exhibition of Schlemmer's works will be part of Visionen Einen Neuen Velt (Visions of a New World) November 21, 2014 - June 6, 2015 at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart.

Images below are from the 1989 performance of Das Triadische Ballett by the Theater Instituut Nederland in Amsterdam, short video here.

Images below are from the 2014 performance of Das Triadische Ballett in Munich by the Bayerisches Staatsballett.

SeanChron | Drunk History's Sports Heroes

I have been a HUGE fan of Drunk History for a LONG time. Where else can you get schooled on history AND celebrate drunkenness in all its glory. Ok, well maybe Mad Men as well. But Drunk History is much more fun.

I have to say that Season 2, Episode 9 "Sports Heroes" is one of my favorite episodes yet. All the stories were fantastic, as always, but it is the segment on Native American athlete Jim Thorpe (Sac and Fox) that moved me to write up a quick post since the show hits two of our big areas of interest here at (entertainment industry) and culture. Add to that combination the fact that I competed in modern pentathlon (one of the sports Jim Thorpe excelled in) for several years AND that Jason Momoa, one of my favorite actors, played Jim Thorpe and how could I not love it.

Back in 2011, I waxed on about how in addition to more money and attention being needed in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math) in schools and colleges, we also needed the same for CHAT subjectsn (culture, humanities, ancestry, and traditions). I think Drunk History has made huge strides in bringing history to the forefront and making it fun again.

Nod Ring

Consider it wearable Bluetooth bling...we're in love with the new Nod ring that controls devices through hand gestures. From viewing photos to turning virtual pages and games to gadgets, we agree that Nod is the start of something big in wearable technology. One thing is for, the idea of being married to technology just got real.

Maryam Mirzakhani Wins Fields Medal

Image credit: Maryam Mirzakhani

The equation for getting young women interested in math just got simplified. In August 2014, Stanford Math Professor Maryam Mirzakhani won the Fields Medal. Considered the Nobel of prize of mathematics, it is the the first time a female has received the award in it's 80 year history, as well as the first time an Iranian has won the medal.

Advanced Style | Blog & New Film Celebrate our Stylish Elders

Here at Future-ish, especially with our Stylish Scientist List, we often get labelled as promoting too much consumerism, fashion, etc. What we have always felt is that true style, the essence of style is about expressing yourself and your individuality in all of the personal lifestyle choices you fashion, in food, in travel, etc. We can't think of a better example of exactly this point than the internationally renowned blog Advanced Style that has now made it's way into a full documentary (see video below).

Curated and written by Ari Seth Cohen, the blog and film project highlight some of our most creative and stylish 'Elders' in New York City and around the world, schooling us all on how to live life to the fullest. What is clear form Cohen's sparkling subjects is that expressing oneself and one's individuality only gets better with age.

hitchBOT | Robot Road Trip

If you don't know about hitchBOT, you should. It is the unfolding story of a little robot that could...make it all the way across Canada on it's own. hitchBOT's journey makes us conjure up Kerouac adventures, Motorcycle Diaries, and all sorts of human road trip stories. Can't wait to see how hitchBOT's trek turns out at the end of its summer excursion. Probably one of the first times a robot has been out on its own in the human world.

SeanChron | Kapa-Dyeing Class

The many colors of Kapa dyes

2 August 2014 | I had the great pleasure and honor of taking a kapa-dyeing class during my recent vacation on Maui. Held at the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens, the class was led by Kumus Lisa Schattenburg-Raymond and Auntie Lei Ishikawa.

Kumus Lisa Schattenburg-Raymond and Aunty Lei Ishikawa leading the class

Maʻo hau hele (hibiscus) for blue Kapa dye

ʻUkiʻuki for blue Kapa dye

Maʻo hau hele afta boiled

Māmaki leaves for brown Kapa dye

Māmaki Kapa dye in action

Kalo ʻEleʻele (taro) for red Kapa dye

The product of my day of Kapa dyeing (though these swatches are actually cotton). Mahalo nui loa to Kumu Lisa and Kumu Lei for such a wonderful class! Da dyes are so nani!

Mahalo to Lisa and Auntie Lei for teaching such a wonderful class and to all my classmates for putting up with the haole. Can't wait to try some dyes at home.

SeanChron | Travel Review | Manawai Estate Chocolate

Being Sustainable Sean as well as Next Century Sean, I often try to connect into the new and noteworthy sustainability efforts whenever I travel. Each trip I take to Maui I do my best to add explore and share a new find. This trip I was lucky enough to get a heads up from Nicolette Van Der Lee at UH Maui College's Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM) about Manawai Estate Chocolate, a new seven-acre sustainable cacao farm near Haiku on Maui. I signed up for the tour straight away and am so happy that I did. My tour and time at Manawai Estate Chocolate will remain one of my favorite Maui experiences for a long time.

The tour was led by owner and Chef Melanie Boudar, a Master Chocolatier and Master Gardner, along with business partner Mark Meador and staff cacao guru Sinead Byrne. The farm is still in the startup phase so the tour itself lasted about 45 minutes but was packed full of history and information about the journey Melanie and the team had faced in getting the farm established.

Following the tour was an opportunity to taste the cacao bean as Melanie and the team led us through the process of making chocolate from roasted bean to a tasty beverage that we enjoyed on the spot, approximately another 45 minutes.

Next up and certainly the icing on the cake, was an opportunity to taste test chocolates (in bar form) from around the world and from Hawaii. Run much like a wine tasting, it was fantastic to have cacao aficionados leading us through the the intricate history and differences of cacao around the world and then honing in on the product options from Hawaii. All of them were ono (delicious) by the way but when tasted together, the subtle differences to become more prevalent.

All in all, a wonderful afternoon on a beautiful sustainable farm with great people learning and tasting great cacao and chocolate. I will certainly do it again and I highly recommend it if you are visiting Maui in the future. And make sure to support Chef Melanie's other chocolate venture online or in Wailea, Sweet Paradise Chocolate.

Cracking the cocoa beans for winnowing

Time for hand grinding the cocoa beans

The outcome of our labor and fantastic education sling the way...handmade-on-the-spot cocoa SO ono!

The tools of processing cocoa beans and making chocolate

Now time for chocolate tasting

Pictured above: Mark, Sinead, Melanie, and Nicolette. A Huge MAHALO NUI LOA to Manawai Estate Chocolate for the fantastic tour and tasting and to Nicolette from UH Maui for making the connection!