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Welcome to the website landing page for Future-ish: Context and Case Studies for Exploring the Science, Design, and Culture Shaping our Future. Here you will find information and resources related to the book.

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So Many Thank Yous

There are SO many people to thank in projects like this. First, thank you family and friends that supported me on this book project and understood why I never seemed to have any free time. Thank you to these same wonderful people for their support over the last 18 years of my evening and weekend passion project, "Future-ish", the website and blog that started all this so many years ago.

There are three people that I cannot thank enough, ever, because they made this second edition of the book SO MUCH BETTER. They get much longer thank yous in the book, but I have to thank them here as well. The two amazing and inspiring friends and colleagues that wrote the forewords for the second edition made me incredibly happy when they agreed to write the forewords. But when I read their contributions for the first time, I was incredibly humbled. In addition to their thoughts on the book, they shared themselves and their stories. My hands are raised high in gratitude. In a way, they served as bookends to "the story thus far" in this whole Future-ish adventure. Barbara Lawrence tasked me to be a messenger almost two decades ago, to bring attention to the work needed to celebrate and honor people and place in order to have a better future for all. That charge eventually evolved into the website and blog Future-ish. I have known Dr. Melanie Cheung for almost as long but she more recently was a guest lecturer in the undergraduate seminar I lead each quarter at UW on future studies. She inspired one student to change their career path and several other students to add new coursework to the academic plan. I look forward to seeing them both soon and often and can't wait to support the amazing projects they are working on.

The other individual that deserves neverending thank yous is the editor I worked with, Daniel Tortora. I don't know how editors do what they do, catching the smallest of details while keeping the greater whole of the work also in mind. Daniel did exactly that, many times over. Add to that he was also an incredibly valuable thought partner in several parts of the book, especially the case studies. I look forward to working with Daniel again myself and will recommend him over and over again to anyone needing an above-and-beyond editor.

Lastly, I have to thank the team from Innovative Ink Publishing (IIP) and IIP's parent company, Kendall Hunt. Second editions have their own little quirks and the new team I worked with was a true pleasure to work with. The second edition team included Angela Lampe, Lynne Rogers, Terri Nichols, Alec Chandlee, Katie Celarek. It is always such a great feeling to get to the finish line of big projects like this and there is now way I could have done it without the help and support of this whole team of people.