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NewsFusion for March 2020


Tableau COVID-19 Data Hub

Tableau has created one of the most comprehensive, and certainly most dynamic, resources for tracking coronavisus trends. Within their COVID-19 Data Hub, Tableau has created their own visualizations but also links to visualizations from the Tableau community. Best of all, they also provide data sources so that others can create their own unique visualizations.

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

Johns Hopkins is maintaining a dynamic and interactive data visualization of coronavirus cases, deaths, and recovery rates. Jump to their Coronavirus Resource Center to view that latest information.

Coronavirus Dashboard

Here at Future-ish, we LOVE "data candy", data visualizations, information design, etc. So we are LOVING the Coronavirus Dashboard: Live Coronavirus Tracker created by a 17 year-old Seattle high school student to track COVID-19 globally...confirmed cases, deaths, and good news...the numbers that have recovered.

Queen of the Smart Set

2020 Queen of the Smart Set, Kasha Patel.

Future-ish is pleased to announce our latest multigeek monarch: science journalist and comedian, Kasha Patel.

22nd Century Role Models
Here at Future-ish, we love highlighting individuals that are passionate about the science, design, and culture shaping our future. We have collected many such individuals and showcase this posse of polygeeks in our sidebar feature, The Smart Set, as Scelebs, Design Idols, and Culture Icons.

In 2011, self-proclaimed history and science geek Alyssa Campanella was crowned Miss USA and we were so inspired that we 'joined the procession' of well wishers and congratulations by having a little fun and naming her our first ever 'Queen of the Smart Set'. With Campanella talking about the future of NASA, fashion and cooking, and her favorite history and culture books, we realized that a whole new generation of young people, especially young woemen, were being inspired to learn more about the science, design, and culture shaping the future.

Our Queen of the Smart Set accolade was so popular that we decided to continue naming a Queen of the Smart Set each year in February. What makes the Queen of the Smart Set honorees so special is that they are individuals that have accrued outstanding achievements in all three future-shaping spheres of science, design, and culture. They are true inspirations to us all, but they are particularly important and valuable role models for young people.

We humbly offer a string of virtual bows and curtsies in congratulations to our growing list of regal geeks and smart sovereigns.

Queen of the Smart Set 2020 - Kasha Patel
Queen of the Smart Set 2019 - Shayla Rivera
Queen of the Smart Set 2018 - Natalie Portman
Queen of the Smart Set 2017 - Emily Calandrelli
Queen of the Smart Set 2016 - Danica McKellar
Queen of the Smart Set 2015 - George Takai
Queen of the Smart Set 2014 - Ellen DeGeneres
Queen of the Smart Set 2013 - Loni Love
Queen of the Smart Set 2012 - Mayim Bialik
Queen of the Smart Set 2011 - Alyssa Campanella

Sceleb | Kasha Patel

Kasha Patel is an American science journalist and comedian. Patel earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Wake Forest University in 2012 and a Master of Science degree in science journalism Boston University in 2013.

Patel currently works as a digital storyteller for the NASA Earth Observatory. She has published papers in scientific journals and has been featured in The Washington Post, BBC World News, and the Travel Channel. In 2016, Patel hosted the mini-series "Earth Expeditions" on NASA TV that profiled research on the world's pressing environmental issues.

Patel started doing standup comedy in Boston but moved to Washington, DC in 2013 and continued doing standup across the country. In her own words, Patel "fills the unknown demand of Indian female comics from West Virginia" and focuses her jokes on her life as an Indian-American and science. She has opened for comedians such as Natasha Leggero, Jen Kirkman, Christian Finnegan, Mitch Fatel, and Vir Das. Patel has produced one of the only regularly-recurring science comedy shows in the United States, DC Science Comedy, since 2014.

In 2018, Patel both presented at the AAAS conference as a science journalist and performed as a comedian. That same year, Patel was named one of the "Best Undiscovered Comedians in America" by Thrillist.

Patel was named the Future-ish 2020 Queen of the Smart Set.

Social Media
>> Facebook | DC Science Comedy
>> Instagram: @kashablanca
>> LinkedIn
>> Twitter: @kashapatel | DC Science Comedy

Additional Reading

Miss Next Century

Miss Next Century 2020, Merritt Moore.

Future-ish is pleased to announce our selection for Miss Next Century 2020: American ballerina and physicist, Merritt Moore.

Miss Next Century 2020 - Merritt Moore
Miss Next Century 2019 - Alicia Gonzaléz Martínez
Miss Next Century 2018 - Kára McCullough
Miss Next Century 2017 - Jasmmine Kaur Ramgotra
Miss Next Century 2016 - Nina Davuluri
Miss Next Century 2015 - Kara Wilke
Miss Next Century 2014 - Adrienne Keene
Miss Next Century 2013 - Manalani Mili Hokoana English
Miss Next Century 2012 - Summer Rayne Oakes
Miss Next Century 2011 - Alyssa Campanella

22nd Century Role Models
We launched our Citizens of the Next Century List in 2010 and have had a fantastic time adding new individuals to the list each December. Our "next century citizens" are people that we feel are way ahead of their time. They are passionate about the science, design, and culture shaping our future and - more importantly - they are actively creating a better! In 2011, we announced our first ever Miss Next Century and based on the positive feedback we received, we decided to continue naming a Miss Next Century each year. You can look forward to a new Miss Next Century each February.

Congratulations to all of our Miss Next Century titleholders! Keep up the good work, keep inspiring us, and keep being fantastic role models for young women everywhere!!!