Confab Magazine | Call for Contributors

Future-ish launched our online magazine, Confab, in 2014. Nothing fancy, no crazy technology, simply a dedicated group of departments, editorials, and features around a central theme.

We're currently working on our 2nd Issue. In preparation for our 3nrd issue, we are putting out a call for contributors...

Future-ish and Confab are passion projects for all involved. That means no pay...but lots of glory!

Send any questions, pitches, or submissions to StudioF/at/future-ish(dot)com

Contributor Opportunities:
  • feature articles on topics of science, design, and/or culture | 500 - 2,000 words
  • Multiple opportunities for one-time or serial departments/columns contributions on topics such as conservation, politics, sports, and information design...other suggestions welcomed | 500 - 1,000 words
  • Fiction | 500 - 2,000+ words
  • Poetry | any length
  • Reviews: music, travel, food & drink, mobility | 500 - 1,000 words
  • Interview(s) | 500 - 1,000 words
  • Comics

Upcoming Issues:
Issue: 003
Theme: this issue will focus on literal and figurative walls, as well as the things compelling humans forward and the things holding us back
Pitches: by March 1, 2017
Goal for publication: April 2017

Issue: 004
Theme: the challenges of wildlife conservation
Pitches: by June 1, 2017
Goal for publication: July 2017

Issue: 005
Theme: this issue will focus on our current and future relationship with artificial intelligence
Pitches: by September 1
Goal for publication: October 2017