SeanChron | Book Review | 101 Things I Learned in Engineering School

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Back in July 2013, we put in a little plug for Matthew Frederick's 101 Things I Learned book series. I became a huge fan instantly. Now that I've spent some time with all the books, I wanted to do a 'mini-review' of each book to share some thoughts. I say 'mini-review' because the books are all all quite short and sweet with small tidbits of info. That in itself might be hard to review, other than saying "I love each and every page". But the fact that the series and each book is so well thought out and so well designed, leads me to believe that each individual book does deserve its own review...and, more importantly, a chance for me to express how much I love the particular book being reviewed.

In this case I'm sharing some thoughts on 101 Things I Learned in Engineering School authored by John Kuprenas with Matthew Frederick. Like all the books in the series, 101 Things I Learned in Engineering School offers both eye candy (great design) and brain candy (valuable and interesting information).

What is unique about this particular book is how successful Kuprenas and Frederick are at presenting what can often be very complex ideas and information. Engineering is not always the most interesting of subjects and certainly not the most accessible to diverse audiences. But Kuprenas and Frederick to exactly that. From short, inspiring quotes and simple, esthetically appealing graphics to mini history lessons and presentations of engineering theory in mainstreet vocabulary, the authors invite readers into an intimate discussion of engineering...over coffee at your favorite cafe. Even the design of the book, from it's small format size (app. 5" x 7") to it's individual pages, with their 1/2" black border along the binding, adds to this comfy vibe.

In short, if you are a science and/or a design geek...get this book. Get all the books in the series. Its a great gift for yourself and certainly for the smarty in your life.