Miss Next Century 2024 - Poornima Peiris

Beekeeper for a day. Image credit: Poornima Peiris via Instagram

Poornima Peiris is a Sri Lankan engineer, artist, science communicator, and STEM advocate. Pieris earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree at Stony Brook University and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in bioengineering and nanotechnology at Harvard.

Among other achievements, Pieris participated in a NASA Space Grant project researching space fuels to be used on the upcoming Mars mission. She is also interested in biodesign, nuerosciene, space health. In additional to social media, podcasts and videos, Pieris has been a contributor to Forbes. She is passionate about STEM education, particular in inspiring youth, women, and young scientists from traditionally underpresented communities to develop an interest and become more involved in STEM subjects. An artist herself, she also promotes art and expression among scientists and so is a role model for adding the "A" for art into STEM and turning the acronym into STEAM.

Pieris also has a passion and talent for social media and currenty managages @stemcorps @thescicommunity Instagram accounts. In 2022, she launched a "STEM IT UP" social media camptain to promote STEM in youth and underreprestended groups.

Her avocations include crafting, fencing, painting, and tennis.

Poornima Peiris was named Future-ish's 14th Miss Next Century in 2024.

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