Rachel Armstrong's Black Sky Thinking

Black Sky Thinking is an idea and initiative pioneered by visionary scientist and innovator Rachel Armstrong (who we happened to add to our Citizens of the Next Century List in 2014). The term, Black Sky, comes from the world of space exploration and refers to the Black Sky as the areas of the cosmos beyond our own atmosphere.

The Black Sky Thinking initiative aims to highlight provocative thinkers and doers that are shaping our future in radical ways. As Rachel's Black Sky Thinking website states, "When one ventures into the Black Sky, one ventures into the unknown." Her call to ideas and action is even more inspiring in this quote:
"Black Sky Thinking is radical, experimental, and utterly transformative. It is Da Vinci, Einstein, Edison, and Mandela. It is a courageous leap into the unknown, where we imagine the impossible, and dare to make it happen. Black Sky Thinking is how humanity will shape our future - and create the world of our wildest dreams."

Kudos to Rachel and to all the Black Sky Thinkers to come!