Citizens of the Next Century List

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Launched in 2010, our Citizens of the Next Century List recognizes individuals that we feel are way ahead of their time. Our Next Century Citizens are people that are passionate about the science, design, and culture shaping our future and they are actively creating a better!

Here at Future-ish, when we think about the future, we imagine people that have taken calculus in kindergarten, people that have designed their own clothes and cars on their hand-held computers, and people that are enthusiastically keeping their culture alive whether they are on Earth, the moon, or Mars. Most importantly, we see an inclusive future that improves the quality of life for everyone.

Our hope in establishing the Citizens of the Next Century list is that it will inspire everyone, from movies stars and mechanics to ministers and the soccer Mom next door, to become more interested, literate, and involved in the science, design, and culture shaping our future.

We add new individuals to the list each December. For the third year in a row, it wasn't easy narrowing the nominees down to just 30 people, we literally had hundreds to choose from. But after much debate and a complex scoring system we did indeed add another 34 inspiring individuals to our Citizens of the Next Century List. Think we've missed someone? Let us know by sending an email to StudioF/at/future-ish/dot/com.

2016 Additions

David Close | Fisheries Biologist
Andrea Hadjikyriacou | Molecular Biologist
Rau Hoskins | Architect
Matthew Hubble | Fashion Designer
Christina Ochoa | Actor & Science Communicator
Omowunmi Sadik | Chemist & Inventor

Full Citizens of the Next Century List

Constance Adams | Space Architect
Alejandro Acevedo-Gutiérrez | Marine Biologist
William J Adams (aka Will.I.Am) | Musician
Claudia Aguirre | Neuroscientist turned Skincare Expert
Qanta Ahmed | Sleep Researcher, Physician
Stephon Alexander | theoretical physicist
Haunani Apoliona | Elder, Musician, Activist
Pablo Arias | Scientist, Illustrator
Rachel Armstrong | Architect, Materials Scientist

Anne Balsamo | Technology & Culture Researcher
Napua Barrows | Teacher & Limu (seaweed) Expert
Janine Benyus | Educator, Consultant, Environmentalist
Debbie Berebichez | Physicit, Financial Analyst
Mayim Bialik | Actor, Neuroscientist
LeManuel Bitsóí | Genetics Researcher, Consultant
Bjork | Musician
Adrienne Block | Geologist
Bono | Musician, Humanitarian
Alexandrea Bowman | Geologist
Cynthia Breazeal | Robotics Designer
Mia Brownell | Painter, Instructor
Dragos Bucurenci | Environmentalist & Journalist
Raychelle Burks | Chemist, Lecturer

Gregory Cajete | Native Science & Education Researcher
Alyssa Campanella | Model, Actress, Miss USA 2011
Anthony Carrino | Designer & TV Personality
Charles, Prince of Whales | Monarch & Humanitarian
Melanie Cheung | Neuroscientist
Hunter Cole | Artist, Geneticist
Kara Cooney | Egyptologist

Cathy Davidson | Digital Innovation Researcher
Joe Davis | Molecular Biologist, Artist
Rana Dajani | Molecular Biologist, Reading Advocate
Lali DeRosier | Biologist, Teacher

Abigail Echo-Hawk | Native Health Researcher
Hasan Elahi | Multimedia Artist
Ayana Elizabeth | Marine Biologist
Diana Eng | Fashion Designer
Manalani English | Radiation Technologist & Hula Dancer

Mónica Feliú-Mójer | Neuroscientist & Science Outreach
Andre Fenton | Neurobiologist
Javier Fernández-Han | Inventor
Sia Figiel | Poet, Writer, Painter, Diabetes Activist
John Francis | Conservationist, Activist
Alexander Fry | Astronomer

Vanessa Galaviz | Environmental Health Scientist
Jim Gates | Theoretical Physicist
Temple Grandin | Animal Scientist, Autism Advocate
Brian Greene | Theoretical Physicist
Marga Gual Soler | Cell Biologist & Science Ambassador

Andrea Hadjikyriacou | Molecular Biologist
Salman Hameed | Astronomer & Social Scientist
Samuel Hammer | Lichen Scientists, Artist
Martin Hanczyc | Chemical Physicist
John Herrington | Chickasaw Astronaut
Maria Hinojosa | Journalist & News Producer
Walter Hood | Landscape Architect
Matthew Hubble | Fashion Designer
Jørn Hurum | Paleontologist
Rau Hoskins | Architect

Bruce Jackson | DNA Scientist, Scuba Enthusiast
Erich Jarvis | Neurobiologist
Mae Jemison | Astronaut

Keawe’aimoku Kaholokula | Health Disparities Researcher
Paula Kahumbu | Wildlife Conservationist
Michio Kaku | Theoretical Physicist, TV Host
Kakani Katija | Bioengineer
Adrienne Keene | Blogger, Native Education Researcher
Andrea Kerzner | Asset Manager, Humanitarian
Sasha Kramer | Ecologist, Humanitarian

Danielle N. Lee | Biologist, Hip Hop Mavin
Judy Lee | Product Designer
Manuel Lima | Interactive Designer, Information Architect
Oren Lyons | Faithkeeper, Scholar, Elder
Kellan Lutz | Actor
Robert Lynch | Anthropologist, Comedian

Wangari Maathai | Environmentalist, Nobel Prize Winner
Juan Martinez | Environmentalist
Sam McCracken | Social Entrepreneur
Susmita Mohanty | Designer, Space Entrepreneur
Angela Merkel | Chancellor of Germany, Quantum Chemist
Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky) | DJ, Artist, Musician
Isaac Mizrahi | Fashion Designer, TV Host
Nathan Myhrvold | Inventor, Chef

Eliott Nahman | Architect & Information Scientist
Diane Nalini de Kerchkov | Physicist & Jazz Singer
Wallace Nichols | Marine Biologist and Activist

Summer Rayne Oakes | Model, Activist, TV host
Michelle Obama | US First Lady
Christina Ochoa | Actor & Science Communicator
Aaron O'Connell | Physicist
Fiorenzo Omenetto | Biophotonics Scientist
Neri Oxman | Designer, Material Ecologist
Feryal Özel | Astrophysicist

Brad Paisley | Musician
Mario Pinto | Chemical Biologist

Lisa Randall | Theoretical Physicist
Rania Al Abdullah | Queen of Jordan, Educator, Humanitarian
Howard Rheingold | Teacher & Digital Media Expert
Paul Rucker | Musician, Composer, Artist
David de Rothschild | Explorer, Environmentalist
Georg Russegger | Media/Communications Researcher

Pardis Sabeti | Computational Geneticist
Omowunmi Sadik | Chemist & Inventor
Carl Schoonover | Neuroscientist
Barton Seaver | Chef
Antonio Serrano | Biochemist
Vandana Shiva | Physicist, Eenvironmentalist
Çağan Hakkı Şekercioğlu | Ornithologist, Ecologist
Sabine Seymour | Fashion Technologist
Cameron Sinclair | Architect, Humanitarian
Hayat Sindi | Science Entrepreneur
Igor Stagljar | Biochemist & Molecular Geneticist
David Suzuki | Zoologist, Geneticist, TV Host, Environmentalist

Nina Tanden | Biomedical Engineer
Vienna Teng | Musician, Computer Scientist
Iva Tolić-Nørrelykke | Biophysicist
Haunani Kay Trask | Hawaiian Studies Expert & Activist
Neil de Grasse Tyson | Astrophysicist

Aris Venetikidis | Graphic Designer

Pharrell Williams | Musician, Designer, & Entrepreneur
Sunita Williams | Astronaut
Caleph B. Wilson | Immunologist
Nathan Wolfe | Virologist

Tom Yang | Food Scientist
Olya Yarychkivska | PhD Student in Genetics
Corrinne Yu | Computer Programmer
Kongjian Yu | Landscape Architect