Future-ish Honors

Future-ish Honors is a collection of annual awards, lists, prizes, titles and other recongnitions given to individuals, organizations, agencies, and companies for outstanding achievements in science, design, and culture that shape the future of our world.

Confluence Awards (Launching in 2024)
  • Ancient Futures Award. The Ancient Futures Award recognizes innovate people, projects, and ideas that directly reference or build on the science, design, and culture of our past. Think of it as part nod to the past, part WAY future forward.
  • BOLD Award. The BOLD Award is given in each of our future-shaping spheres (science, design, culture) and recognizes individuals that think and act boldly, embody a sense of adventure, and bring their unique personalities into their work.
  • Citizen of the Next Century Award. Future-ish's highest honor, the Citizen of the Next Century award recognizes individuals that we feel are way ahead of their time. Our Citizens of the Next Century are individuals that are passionate about the science, design, and culture shaping our future and they are actively working to create a better future today, an inclusive future that improves the quality of life for everyone.
  • Culture of Planning Award. The Culture of Planning Award recognizes people, projects, or ideas that incorporate science, design, and culture in shaping the future of cities, towns, or communities.
  • Inclusive Future Award. The Inclusive Future award recognizes people, projects or ideas that actively engage all members of society in shaping the future.
  • Outstanding Public Expression Award. The Outstanding Public Expression award recognizes efforts by a celebrity or public figure that uses their high profile position to bring attention to pressing challenges facing our world.
  • Progress Chic Award. The Progress Chic Award recognizes people, projects, and ideas in design industries that build on the learning and advances of our past while inspiring an even more exciting future that respects both people and planet. strive to make forward thinking the next big thing AND a timeless trend.
  • STEM is Not Enough Award. The STEM is Not Enough Award recognizes efforts to integrate the well known STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math) with Future-ish's DACT (design, applied arts, crafts, and trades) and CHAT (culture, history, ancestry, and traditions) subjects areas. More on our catchy acronyms.

50 Future-ish Cities
Citizens of the Next Century List
Public Intellectual Service & Advocacy (PISA) List
Stylish Scientist List

Next Century Prize (Launching in 2018)
The Future-ish Next Century Prize is given to individuals in recognition of outstanding achievements in the fields of science, design, and culture that shape the future of our world.
  • Next Century Prize in Science
  • Next Century Prize in Design
  • Next Century Prize in Culture

Miss Next Century
Queen of the Smart Set