Science for Everyone says Botstein

Bard College President, Dr. Leon Botstein, recently dropped in on the Colbert Report to discuss his plans to have all his college's freshman take three week intensive course on science. According to Botstein, he's planning the course "because most of the decisions we make politically about healthcare, about the environment, personal choices we make ourselves are about evaluating different claims and we want to know how science works. What is evidence for a claim that's true and evidence for a claim that isn't". Botstein's big picture is that "in a democracy, in order for it to work and for our freedoms to really survive we have to have a population that knows something and that can actually participate in making intelligent decisions". Lofty ideas indeed but even more impressive is that he got out any intelligent statements through Colbert's jokes. It is one to watch for sure.

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Leon Botstein
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