The Flexible and Faceted Generation Flux

Image credit: Brooke Nipar. Styling: Krisana Palma. Grooming: Stephanie Peterson

In his Fast Company article "This Is Generation Flux: Meet The Pioneers Of The New (And Chaotic) Frontier Of Business", Robert Safian re-defines generation labels in one fell swoop. Safian's Generation Flux has no decade range like Baby Boomers, GenX, or Millennials. Rather, it defines a state of mind and an ability to cope with the ever-changing bleeps on the economic, social, and political radar. In his own words, "GenFlux is a mind-set that embraces instability, that tolerates--and even enjoys--recalibrating careers, business models, and assumptions" and goes on to say that "the most important skill is the ability to acquire new skills". We say...bravo Mr. Safian, BRAVO!