SeanChron | Drunk History's Sports Heroes

I have been a HUGE fan of Drunk History for a LONG time. Where else can you get schooled on history AND celebrate drunkenness in all its glory. Ok, well maybe Mad Men as well. But Drunk History is much more fun.

I have to say that Season 2, Episode 9 "Sports Heroes" is one of my favorite episodes yet. All the stories were fantastic, as always, but it is the segment on Native American athlete Jim Thorpe (Sac and Fox) that moved me to write up a quick post since the show hits two of our big areas of interest here at (entertainment industry) and culture. Add to that combination the fact that I competed in modern pentathlon (one of the sports Jim Thorpe excelled in) for several years AND that Jason Momoa, one of my favorite actors, played Jim Thorpe and how could I not love it.

Back in 2011, I waxed on about how in addition to more money and attention being needed in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math) in schools and colleges, we also needed the same for CHAT subjectsn (culture, humanities, ancestry, and traditions). I think Drunk History has made huge strides in bringing history to the forefront and making it fun again.