Sceleb - Brian Greene

As a scientist, you know you're a true sceleb when along with CNN, Charlie Rose, and Nightline you've also been on The Colbert Report, David Letterman, and Conan O'Brien. Theoretical physicist Brian Greene has done just that. He is perhaps one of the most recognizable scientists of our day due to both his smarts and his sparkling personality. Greene's stage presence may have come from his father, a vaudeville performer, voice coach, and composer. Amazingly, Greene went to high school with fellow sceleb Lisa Randall. Greene studied at Harvard and later received his PhD from Oxford in 1987 as a Rhodes Scholar. He worked for a short time at Cornell and then settled in at Columbia in 1996. These days, Greene is the poster boy for string theory, writing best sellers, and making the media rounds promoting physics and serving as a science ambassador to mainstream America. Greene's greatest contribution to science? Well, that would have to be co-founding the annual World Science Festival in NYC.