SeanChron - Science Channel's An Idiot Abroad

2.5.11 - Comedian Ricky Gervais has a new project and, once again, he is having loads of fun at the expense of others in a way that makes us laugh...and makes us a little uncomfortable. For An Idiot Abroad, Gervais teamed up with his friend and colleague Stephen Merchant to send another friend and colleague, Karl Pilkington (often the butt of Gervais' practical jokes), around the globe to visit the 7 Wonders of the World. Gervais' burning question is whether the globetrotting will expand Karl's heart and mind to the people and places of the world or if he will hate every second.

The verdict is still out on if Karl's deadpan remarks and humor are the real Karl or a persona. It's clear that these three know each other well and they know how to work off each other to create interest in the show. One thing is for sure though, Karl's cross-cultural awareness adventures will give us all a chance to experience the real lives and diverse worldviews of people from around the planet that we might not otherwise have the chance to encounter.