Future-ish f(x) | Past Projects

Below you will find a selection of projects in which Future-ish played a role.

Research Promotion. VITALtalk. 2012.
Oncologist Dr. Anthony Back had worked with Karass Creative to create a logo and branding for a re-launch of his project to improve communications between doctors and patience. Sean Schmidt worked with Dr. Back to develop the VITALtalk blog and other social media and provided training on use, optimization, and strategy for the multiple research promotion media.

Power of 10 Campaign. Sustainable Path. 2012.
Sean Schmidt worked with the Sustainable Path Outreach Committee to brainstorm a campaign to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. The challenge was coming up with a concept that was true to their mission and vision of science, sustainability, and systems thinking yet inspirational for what the future still holds. The phrase "The power of 10" refers to a notation used in science and math but it also held great meaning as a representation of the achievements and impact Sustainable Path had achieved looking back over their 10 year history. Sustainable Path refined the concept further and worked with their in-house graphic designer to create the logo and campaign, The Power of 10.

Logo. Sustainable Seattle. 2010.
Sustainable Seattle was seeking to completely re-imagine their logo and branding from a logo that had been used since 1992. The organization was seeking something clean, crisp, bright and very modern. Sustainable Seattle gained international attention in the 1980s when they highlighted the need to take a systems approach to addressing the economic, social, and environmental challenges facing Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. They were also one of the first organizations to develop indicators to track progress towards common goals. The final logo, designed by Sean Schmidt, incorporated both of these essential elements of Sustainable Seattle. The three circles represent the three realms of economic, social, and environmental activities and leave it up to us to connect and give meaning to the three realms in order to achieve systemic sustainability. The three circles also are reminiscent of three data points on a graph.