Brad Pitt Expands Repertoire to Furniture Design

Image credit: Pollaro Custom Furniture

Here at Future-ish, we often get excited when a celebrity has a newsworthy science connection, whether it is a science background, an interest in promoting science, or even when they play a scientist on TV or in the movies. It seems to be much less rare that we report on celebrities with a design connection. Sure there are the occasional fashion lines and perfumes, but other design fields are a rare find indeed.

So we were very excited to read in the Architectural Digest's December 2012 Issue about Brad Pitt's new project...designing furniture with the renowned Frank Pollaro. The full website for the collaboration, will launch on November 11, 2012.

Dining table with signature 'continuous line' element. Image credit: Ellen McDermott

Pitt first tested his design chops back in 2007 with his post-Katrina nonprofit project, Make it Right, that designed and built healthy homes, buildings and communities for people in need. Pitt and Make it So embraced green building full-on and the results were affordable and inspiring creations that were a significant part of healing the community.

Given his past interest in architecture and furniture design and the fact that he's been imagining his own furniture concepts since the 1990s, we expect to be introduced to many new pieces in the line going forward.