SeanChron | Eco Fashion Week 2016

(L to R) Erin Cebula, Glencora Twigg, Sean Schmidt, Jenny Hughes, Nicole Bridger). From the 2016 Eco Fashion Week Collective Conversation Session 2 on manufacturing in North America, participants below. Image credit: Byron Dauncey

Had a BLAST at 2016 Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver, BC. Amazing people, fantastic collections, and I learned a ton participating in the Collected Conversation sessions. I'll be updating this post soon with a full report but wanted to get a HUGE THANK YOU up to the organizers of Eco Fashion Week for inviting me to participate in this incredibly inspiring, and REALLY fun, event.

Collective Conversation is an educational series for fashion industry members and the general public. The day of open dialogue aims to provide information on the challenges, opportunities and innovations facing the sustainability of the garment and textile industry.

Moderator: Erin Cebula, ET Canada

Glencora Twigg, VCAD
Sean Schmidt, Future-ish
Jenny Hughes, Mine & Yours
Nicole Bridger, Nicole Bridger