Alaska Native Ariel Tweto kicks butt on Wipeout

Ariel Tweto, from the Native Village of Unalakleet in Alaska, kicked butt on the first season of ABC's show Wipeout. Although I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I'm a HUGE fan of Wipeout, I really was out of my seat cheering on Ariel throughout the show. Not only did she kick butt throughout the first rounds, she was awesome in the finals!!! I think her attitude and personality were the best part though, you just want to give her a big hug. She not only represented Alaskans, she represented her fellow Eskimo people and Indigenous people around the world...and she had a blast doing it! From what I've found Googling Ms. Ariel, she's a cross country star and has her sights on a journalism and /or fitness-nutrition career. She was fantastic on the show so I bet we'll see more of her.


  1. Ariel tweto is truly a inspiration and shows the true side of the type of people who really make the state and the People Of Alaska what are so AWESOME and what really seems to be a Dying Breed of Good people that are true to there heritage and all they stand for she is a Girl who aspires to grow & sample some of what the world has to Offer , but I believe like a true Alaskan as I am as well,,, no matter where she may go in her Life/ travels, her heritage , Morals & upbringing in a true place where a Villiage really does raise a child & of people who care for one another 4 Life & the important & real things in Life that always will matter & prevail & give us those invaluable lessons in life ,when all else fails will follow her for a Lifetime , I don't know her personally , but am very Proud of her when I see her and what she and her Family stands for and how she carrys her self her Life will be a positive outlook for many young people everywhere, to draw from and see how you can progress but stay true to your heritage and the people who bring us into this world and why it's important to carry that on to the following generations always & 4Ever, she's really a Sweetheart & Deserves , the attention she get's on the show alot of girls today could learn from her how to Be truly , Admirable, loyal & also be sucsessful as well as remaining Humble,in the long run .. Alaska is no Easy walk, year round for years end on end, no matter what, really an awesome State and all it shows on the program is only 1/2 of what Alaska really Offers and it's People in general , Miss it evry time I watch the show more and more, she is a sweety and hope her the best, in her future and stay true to yourself Darlin cuz you are a rare breed and world needs more Girls like you...God Bless ariel & All the twetos & crew ..Akraw61

  2. Love comment ^^^ ERA- Awesome Pilots, Way to go guys, we are doing just fine and we do show respect and learn tradition from our elders, remember our ancestors struggles, but will keep walking the Red Road..#Osiyo #nativestrong