Join Studio F

Future-ish is a fusion website and blog that offers unique information, valuable resources, and innovative campaigns designed to increase interest, literacy, and involvement in science, design, and culture. We're always looking for new folks to join our virtual team in Studio F.

First and foremost...all of our positions are unpaid at this time. Sorry about that. At the moment, we're a happy group of freelancers working pro bono because we're passionate about the science, design, and culture shaping our future. We do have dreams of making a fortune with Future-ish one day but we're just not quite there yet. But...our founder, social entrepreneur Sean Schmidt, has helped launched a few blogger careers so you never know, a gig at Future-ish just may land you a big time paid job in the not so distant future. No pay, but lots of glory!

We are currently seeking to fill the following positions for both our website and our soon-to-be-launched online magazine:
  • Freelance Bloggers, Contributors, Journalists, etc.
  • Industry/Field Editors (e.g. astronomy, fashion, etc.)
  • Senior Editor - NewsFusion
  • Senior Editor - Science
  • Senior Editor - Design
  • Senior Editor - Culture
  • Creative Director
  • Senior Editor - Confab Magazine
Here's what we're looking for in new team members:
  • people that are passionate about the science, design, and culture shaping our future
  • people that have a knack for synthesis
  • people that have experience writing saavy web content ranging from short blog entries (250-500 words) to full-length articles (lets say up to 2,000 words...eek)
  • people that work great as an individual and with a team in virtual environment
To apply: Please send three samples of your work, a resume, and cover letter to StudioF/at/gmail/com with this lovely phrase in the subject line: "Future-ish Application". Internships: Future-ish has many great opportunities for students looking for short or ongoing projects. Students who can earn course credit for their contributions are encouraged to contact us.