Are you a Future-ish Gammageek?

If you geek out on great science, design, and culture then you, dear friend, are a Future-ish 'gammageek'. Gamma is the third letter in the Greek alphabet and has the number value of 3. This makes it the perfect prefix for our particular flavor of geek that is fascinated by kick-ass science, design, and culture.

Whether it is science, design, and culture in history or science, design, and culture that is shaping the future, if you can lose an afternoon to researching an obscure science, design, or culture factoid...welcome to our family. Check out our thoughts below (aka our Gammageek Authenticator) to see if you are among the gammageek crowd.

You Know you're a science geek when...
  1. You feel warm and fuzzy whenever Carl Sagan says 'human'
  2. Everything on Big Bang Theory makes perfect sense
  3. You keep the Science Channel on for white noise
  4. You own SEED Magazine's REAL premiere issue "Science Couture"
  5. You own two or more field guides (flowers, rocks, birds, etc.)
  6. Pluto's demise still makes you tear up a little
  7. Before any medical appointments, you've already googled your symptoms and diagnosed your illness
  8. You have a small shell, bone, or fossil of some sort mounted on a wood block somewhere in your house
  9. You've considered a Fibonacci tattoo of some sort
  10. NASA TV is your favorite reality TV show
  11. You still follow the careers of Diana Eng and Marcel Vigneron
  12. Only after high school did you realize that your favorite teacher was your science and/or math teacher
  13. Star Trek, Star Wars, AND Battlestar Galactica
You know you're a design geek when...
  1. You feel warm and fuzzy when you read the phrase 'at home in the modern world'
  2. Any show on Bravo makes perfect sense
  3. You have special iTunes playlists for each of your creative moods
  4. You can't decide if Surface or Wallpaper should be your lavatory literature
  5. You have two or more Moleskins on you at any given time
  6. When the new DWR catalog arrives you spend as much time reading the designer bios as ogling the new products
  7. You have a favorite little black something (dress, t-shirt, bag, pencil case, etc.)
  8. You have a miniature Vitra chair somewhere in your house
  9. You purchase most of your gifts from MOMA or another museum store
  10. You believe it takes a village...a Corbusien village
  11. You know this season's colors but you choose to ignore them
  12. You've seen Helvetica...more than once
  13. Inhabitat, Design Sponge, AND Coolhunting
You know you're a culture geek when...
  1. You feel warm and fuzzy when Iz sings "Somewhere over the Rainbow"
  2. When one of your parents yells at you in their native language it makes perfect sense
  3. You religiously listen to your local weekly World Music radio show (KBCS for us here in Seattle)
  4. You wouldn't even think of leaving the house on a "So you think you can dance" night
  5. You have two or more poetry books on you at any given time
  6. You have a public radio and/or television sticker on your car
  7. You acknowledge and honor the Indigenous Peoples of your location whenever the opportunity arises
  8. You have a small photo of your hero somewhere in your house (Martin Luther King, Jr, Einstein, Mother Theresa, a Parent, etc.)
  9. You know drinking songs in multiple languages
  10. You can still dance the folk dance your Grandmother taught you from your family's homeland
  11. You need to get extra pages in your passport
  12. Movies with subtitles make you happy
  13. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, AND Winter Solstice

Congratulations to those who qualify in more than one category! Please do send your "you know you're a ___ geek when..." contribution to