2011 - International Year of Astrobiology

As part of our TRIO project, Future-ish has pronounced 2011 the International Year of Astrobiology.

Astrobiology is the study of the origin and distribution of life in the universe. It is an interdisciplinary field that integrates astronomy, biology, chemistry, ecology, geology, physics, and other planetary sciences. Discoveries in astrobiology help us understand how life as we know it evolved on our planet, as well as how life, in any number for forms, may have evolved in other parts of our solar system and the universe.

We invite astrobiology enthusiasts around the world to join Future-ish in celebrating our International Year of Astrobiology by developing special projects, programs, and events that increase interest, literacy, and involvement in the field of astrobiology. Have a special project, program, or event we should list here? Simply send an email to email(dot)future-ish(at)gmail(dot)com to let us know.

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2011 Events
February 7-9 | Geobiology in Space Exploration | Marrakech, Morocco
June 5-8 | AbGradCon | Bozeman, MT