2011 - International Year of Folk Dancing

As part of our TRIO project, Future-ish has pronounced 2011 the International Year of Folk Dancing.

Folk Dancing is a genre of dance in which selected traditional and cultural dances are performed for recreation, for formal or informal public audiences, or for a competition. Folk dancing is often carried out to preserve and maintain cultural traditions which can reflect both broad cultural traditions, as well as local or individual family traditions, in the music, steps, and costumes of the dancers and dance groups.

We invite folk dancing enthusiasts around the world to join Future-ish in celebrating our International Year of Folk Dancing by developing special projects, programs, and events that increase interest, literacy, and involvement in folk dancing. Have a special project, program, or event we should list here? Simply send an email to email(dot)future-ish(at)gmail(dot)com to let us know.

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2011 Events
May 27-30 | Northwest Folklife Festival | Seattle, WA
June 30 - July 3 | 2011 Gaufest (Schuhplattler) | Orldando, FL