The Perfect Panel

We're dreaming up a fabulous event series here at Future-ish in which we invite a scientist, designer, and cultural leader to participate in a discussion about the key factors and trends they feel are shaping the future. The series is still very much in the works but in the mean time, we wanted to collect suggestions for a 'perfect panel' of science, design, and culture. Below is our running list. We did notice that many of our very own Scelebs, Design Idols, and Culture Icons showed up on several occasions - and in different slots - so that was a nice surprise. If you have suggestions for the 'perfect panel', shoot us an email at info|at|future-ish|dot|com.

Lisa Randall | Jimmy Wales | Lady Gaga
Michio Kaku | Cameron Sinclair | Queen Rania
Neil deGrass Tyson | Yves Behar | Queen Rania
Lisa Randall | Cameron Sinclair | Michelle Obama
Angela Merkel | Carolina Hererra | Queen Rania
Nima Arkani-Hamed | Susmita Mohanty | Vandana Shiva
Brian Greene | Cameron Sinclair | Spike Lee
Tyrone Hayes | DJ Spooky | Paul Rucker
Michio Kaku | Isaac Mizrahi | Vandana Shiva
Wangari Maathai | Cameron Sinclair | Oren Lyons
Susmita Mohanty, Marcel Wanders, Wangari Maathai,
Lisa Randall | Neri Oxman | Queen Rania
David Suzuki | Janine Benyus | Oren Lyons
Neil deGrasse Tyson | Maya Angelou | Paul Rucker

other suggestions?