SeanChron | Backwood Brainiacs

I'm originally a farm boy from Nebraska and I'm here to tell y'all...National Geographic Channel's new series, Rocket City Rednecks, is hotter than Georgia asphalt. The series is the latest addition to a long list of 'redneck engineering' shows that features the creativity and craftsmanship of multi-talented design-build teams. Like many of its predecessors, Rain City Rednecks involves a whole lot of science, technology, engineering, and math.

The show is lead by real life rocket scientist Travis "Doc" Taylor and features a whole cast of good ole boys with science and engineering backgrounds. This isn't just main street science, its backwoods science and the boys really do have a blast in each episode. What sets Rocket City Rednecks apart from other similar shows is that many members of the team actually have advanced degrees...they really are rockets scientists. From a submarine and solar-powered bass fishing boat to moonshine rocket fuel and a junkyard Ironman, the rednecks are sure to keep you entertained. Will Rocket City Rednecks bring in a whole new crowd of folks into science and engineering? As Doc Taylor and the boys would say..."You bet your astronaut!"