Cocktail Astronomy | And the Nobel goes to...

Here at Future-ish, we love astronomy and we love cocktails. So to prep our fans (and ourselves) for those stellar weekend cocktail conversations, we are pleased to offer our Cocktail Astronomy post each Friday.

The Oscars may keep us on the edge of our seats each February, but in October and December of each year, many around the world are focused on who will receive the year's prestigious Nobel Prizes in honor of Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel. The formal white-tie ceremony trumps even the Oscars when it comes to elegance, grace, and glamour. Prizes are bestowed for the fields of chemistry, economics, literature, medicine, and physics, as well as the overarching Nobel Peace Prize. The recipients of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics, Drs. Saul Perlmutter, Brian Schmidt, and Adam Riess, are the trio of international astronomers and astrophysicists who provided the first evidence of an accelerating universe in 1998. This always-accelerating universe is thought to be driven by what is referred to as 'dark energy', a theorized form of energy that permeates all of the cosmos.

Congratulations to Perlmetter, Schmidt, and Reiss and to all of the 2011 laureates!