2012 - International Year of Nanotechnology

As part of our TRIO project, Future-ish has pronounced 2012 the International Year of Nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is the engineering of systems and technology at the atomic/molecular scale. Nanotechnology includes the development of materials, devices, or other structures with elements engineered from 1 to 100 nanometers. Nanotechnology is a controvercial subject in that although it offers diverse applications and solutions in a broad number of fields, ranging from apparel and electronics to engineering and medicine, it also raises concerns that accompany any new technology, including potential impacts on human health and the environment. These concerns have led to a debate among producers, governments, and observer groups on the need for special policies and regulations regarding nanotechnology.

We invite nanotechnology enthusiasts around the world to join Future-ish in celebrating our International Year of nanotechnology by developing special projects, programs, and events that increase interest, literacy, and involvement in the field of nanotechnology. Have a special project, program, or event we should list here? Simply send an email to studiof(at)future-ish(dot)com to let us know.

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2012 Events
15-17 February | nano tech 2012 | Tokyo
12-14 March | NANO-2012 | Omaha
26-27 March | Nano Israel 2012 | Tel Aviv
18-21 June | Nanotech 2012 | Santa Clara
30 June - 7 July | NANOTEXNOLOGY 2012 | Thessaloniki
July 5-6 | ICNN 2012 | Zurich
July 23-27 | ICN+T2012 | Paris
7-9 August | ICNFA 2012 | Montreal
20-23 August | IEEE NANO | Birmingham
18-19 October | Nanocon 2012 | Pune
26-28 October | Nano S&T 2012 | Qingdao
28-31 October | SENN 2012 | Helsinki
13-15 November | Nanosafe 2012 | Grenoble