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The Future-ish Field Guide to Bread is where you can find the latest and greatest news, information, and resources on bread. We're just getting started on our bread Field Guide so come back soon and often as we will be making frequent updates. Have a suggestion? Want to get listed? Interested in sponsoring a Field Guide page? Simply send an email to studiof(at)future-ish(dot)com to let us know.

Make sure to visit our 2012 International Year of Bread page.

American Bakers Association
Artisan Baker Association
Federation of Bakers (UK)
National Baking Industry Association (Australia)
World Wide Frybread Association

The Fresh Loaf
Noel's Bread Blog
The Weekend Bread and Hiking Club
Wild Yeast


Online Resources
Wikipedia - Bread
Wikipedia - History of Bread

Artisan Bread School
French Culinary Institute
The French Pastry School (Chicago, IL
International School of Baking (Bend, OR)
San Francisco Baking Institute