Cocktail Astronomy | Cassini Mission

Here at Future-ish, we love astronomy and we love cocktails. So to prep our fans (and ourselves) for those stellar weekend cocktail conversations, we are pleased to offer our Cocktail Astronomy post each Friday.

If there was an Oscar for best space footage (or perhaps we should say WHEN there is an Oscar for best space footage), Cassini Mission by Chris Abbas would win it. Furthermore, Abbas - along with Nine Inch Nails - might just get best score too since the track '2 Ghosts' from their album Ghosts I-IV provides the pitch perfect soundtrack to the stunning video. Cassini Mission features remixed Cassini Solstice Mission NASA and ESA images of Saturn and its moons jockeyed together by Abass, a Seattle-based designer/director. Abass also throws in a Carl Sagan quote in the video description:
"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."
So mix up your favorite cocktail, turn on the stereo and put this on the big screen, we can't think of a better way to get the weekend rolling than a fab video like this.