SeanChron | Paddle to Squaxin

17 July 2012
I'm off to meet up with the Oliver Canoe Family to start out on the 2012 Paddle to Squaxin. I only get to pull for a few days this year due to my Maui plans but I can't wait to get started.

18 July 2012
We had a pre-journey meeting with the Duwamish Canoe Family at the house of Delbert Miller (Skokomish Tribe Cultural Specialist) and his wife, Tina Kuckkahn. Lots of stories, singing, and drumming. Māori friends Henare and Tawera Tahuri were present too. James Oliver is speaking here and Sue Oliver, Skipper of Willapa Spirit and Oliver Canoe Family, is seated in the purple sweatshirt. Thank you to William Sagaberd for all the great photos!

19 July 2012
And Here's a photo of our early morning departure. Photo by Annette Smith.