SeanChron | Syria Deeply

"One of the most exciting developments in journalism I've seen in a LONG time" is exactly what I told a friend recently when introducing them to Syria Deeply, a single subject news website covering the crisis in Syria.

Syria Deeply is the first and flagship project of News Deeply, a new media startup and B Corp social enterprise based in New York with the mission of advancing foreign policy literacy through public service journalism.

Co-founded by journalist Lara Setrakian and digital media expert Azeo Fables, both entrepreneurs in their fields, Syria Deeply and subsequent News Deeply projects will present a new approach for digital news media by offering in-depth coverage on a single global crisis. By providing broader context on subjects and using the latest design and technology tools and resources, they aim to "add greater clarity, deeper understanding and more sustained engagement to the global conversation."

Future-ish was founded on the idea of increasing interest, literacy, and involvement in the science, design, and culture shaping the future so I very much look forward to future News Deeply projects!