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Some people consider horoscopes to be insights from the universe while others consider them pure nonsense. Either way, they are still really fun to read.

One thing we DO know here at Future-ish is that researchers have found season of birth does actually impact us in many ways. So to have a little fun, the team from Studio F gathers over cocktails for each issue of Confab to make 'inferences', as we say in the science world, based on what we do know from research on seasonal biology for our readers who share our passion for science, design, and culture.

We suggest you read them over cocktails as well. Enjoy!

If you were born in a spring month...the world awaits you, everything is always fresh and you feel inspired to cure cancer and every other human disease while you're at it. Switch out your home accessories to bright colors to keep your spirits up. Pick up the latest National Geographic or surf through Wikipedia to learn about a culture you've never heard of.

If you were born in a summer month...if you're feeling a bit on the night owl side, get out and enjoy the evening astronomy for your area. You too have an adventurous side so give in and explore some creative offerings in your area, don't just attend the poetry slam...sign up for it! Spend some of your late evenings getting to know our cultural ancestry.

If you were born in an autumn month...Your tendency for preferring to consider the long view means you'll be happy reading the latest offerings in the science section of your local bookstore. Design-wise, its high time you explore a local molecular gastronomy restaurant or recipe if you want to whip up something yourself. Your long view also favors cataloging the many cultural events and resources in your area.

If you were born in a winter month...make the most of your tendency to be an early riser and Google the latest science headlines to stay up to date. You're adventurous so make plans to check out the latest innovations in fashion, architecture, or product design. Let your inner artist out and explore the arts or the local host culture for your area.

Additional reading on seasonal biology...