Hours of design fun for kids of all ages. These sets of die-cut cards by Kaleidograph can be mixed and matched to form designs and patterns that mimic the geometry of flowers and crystals in nature.

Some of the card designs date back to the 17th century and yet the final results of card combinations always seem thoroughly modern. The card sets also follow the tradition of education and design toys envisioned by Friedrich Froebel in the 1800s when he defined the original idea of Kindergarten. This educational system, with its design toys, went on to influence modern designers such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Buckminster Fuller, Piet Mondrian, and even design education at the Bauhaus.

Best of all, you can used them as a toy, display favorite designs as artwork, or even use them as stencils for larger design project.

Available at Amazon.com and other retailers. Pictured above are the Flora and Crystal card sets.