Sail On Saildrone

Drones can get a bad rap sometimes but they also have big potential to help us in many ways. One great example is the Saildrone being developed by mechanical engineering team Richard Jenkins and Dylan Owens.

Clearly part sailboat and part robot, Saildrone is designed to traverse even the widest sea, which may come in handy as we endeavor to learn more about the health of our oceans, climate change, and other marine-related research questions. When compared to the current options of using fuel-powered ships or unmanned vessels like drifting buoys, Saildrone can monitor the worlds oceans faster and more cost effectively than any other technologies. Add to that Saildrone fleets could assist in tsunami detection, take part in search and rescue missions, provide data on oil spills, police protected areas, and even follow tagged marine wildlife.

We can't wait for the first Saildrone shanty.