Monday Ngram | Progressivism & Fundamentalism

Here at Future-ish, we love data candy. Line graphs are one of our favorite information sweets and Google Books Ngram Viewer makes it super easy to track and compare different words and phrases in their corpus of books over time. So why not offer ngrams on Mondays?

Disclaimer: the words and phrases we campare are not chosen scientifically, their history and context are certainly more complex than what can presented here, and - to be completely honest - they are generally thought up over cocktails. Cheers, darling! We consder them little data poems that have the potential to be both trivial and/or profound.

In this graph: being fans of an inclusive future, we are pleased to note the slow but steady upward trend for the term "progressivism". Regarding the term "fundamentalism", we note the quick rise, peaks, and timing of the term. In addition, although it's use has decreased in recent years, it is still more prevalent than it's paired term. Per the the disclaimer, we have no context for how the paired terms are actually being used in the books the Google Books Ngram Viewer analyzes, we can only observe the frequency of the terms.