Future-ish Case Study | ʔálʔal: A New Home for Native Americans in Seattle

Future-ish Case Study | 24-04

Author | Sean G. Schmidt

Publication Information | Future-ish, 2024. Published in Schmidt, S. G. (2024). Future-ish: case studies and context for exploring the science, design, and culture shaping the future (2nd ed.). Innovative Ink Publishing.


The Chief Seattle Club in Seattle, Washington, has served the Native American community in the city with meals, housing, and other services for over 50 years. In 2022, the organization completed a unique development project called ?al?al that provides additional housing for the low-income and homeless Native community in the city, as well as other amenities, including a cafe that serves traditional Indigenous foods. ?al?al is one of the newest development projects in the country that demonstrates the multi-faceted value of culturally sensitive and responsive architecture.

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