Future-ish FAB Finds

Here at Future-ish, we have a great time scouting out the latest and greatest products, services, events, and venues that might interest people with a passion for science, design and culture. Every now and then, we run across something that is extra special. To identify these special items, we created our Future-ish 'FAB Find' badge:

You'll find the FAB Find badge here on our website, as well as on the websites, store windows, printed material, etc. of the products, services, events, and venues we highlight. Look for the "Future-ish Thinks We're FAB" badge.

Visit our FAB Find List or follow our FAB Find Label

What does 'FAB' stand for you ask? The easy answer is that it is an abbreviation for 'fabulous'. It certainly is and that's one reason why we like it so much...but that's way to easy. It actually means a lot of things to us.

Here is a little insight into our stream of thought. When researching a product, service, event, or venue for a FAB Find badge we...

...look to see if the item is future-friendly. Does it incorporate elements of social and environmental responsibility? How forward-thinking is an item...does it move people, products, or ideas forward in some way?

...consider how aesthetically-inspiring an item is. Is it artistic? A chair can just be another chair or it can be a CHAIR! Is there good design? How much creativity went into the item?

...debate whether the item makes a bold statement in some way. Some items may catch your eye, others truly WOW you. We also discuss how the item benefits society? Who does it benefit?