SeanChron - Impromptu Hula

I recently returned from my third annual visit to Maui. I try to learn more about Hawaiian culture and sustainability efforts with every visit and this last visit was one of my best ever, both for me personally and in finding a lot of sustainability efforts underway. You can read up on my latest visit on my Haberdash for Humanity blog.

One of the things that I've observed several times since I've been back home in Seattle is impromptu Hula...Hula dancers that just show up in parks, in lobbies, etc. to share their beautiful Hula dances and spread some Aloha. Today I just happened to do a search on YouTube for a video of Keali'i Reichel and his dancers performing "Maunaleo" that I saw on the Hawaiian Airlines flight back home and came across this video, 'Melissa dances to Maunaleo', that is a great example of 'impromptu hula'. I must admit, the song itself - which was a gift to his Mother and honors the mountain that looks over Wailuku on Maui - makes me tear up a bit every time I hear it but the Hula makes me smile. Call it whatever you like...impromptu Hula, gorilla Hula, pop up Hula, etc. it's just a great gift if you're lucky enough to come across one of these surprise performances.