Responsible Rice from Italy

Acquerelloo Organic RiceFrom Haberdash for Humanity...When it comes to a food staple around the world, few would argue that rice tops the list. Many would be surprised to know that rice grows around the world and one of the most innovative rice growers, Acquerello, hales from the Vercelli province of the Piedmont region in Italy. The history of rice in Italy goes back to the 1400s and is rich with culture and connection to the land. The family behind Acquerello, the Rondolino family, has been growing rice in the area for three generations and has brought rice cultivation firmly into the 21st century. One of their boldest innovations was to go completely organic in 1998. Along with this committment comes an appreciation for the land and ecosystem connected to rice farming. Today, the paddy fields, known as Tenuta Colombara, are thriving with fish, frogs, and rare birds. Even the product can reflects this committment and appeciation for the natural world. Acquerello is also a support of the Slow Food movement, even more reason to sit back and savor a fine dining experience with some responsible rice.