Design Idol & Sceleb | Neri Oxman

Gracing the June 2009 cover of Fast Company Magazine as one of their 100 Most Creative People in Business is modern science and design diva, Neri Oxman. Although her early studies were in medicine and technology, after a degree in architecture she's now focused her keen mind on the science and design of materials and processes in what she describes as 'materialecology'. When she's not busy as a Presidential Fellow at the MIT Media Lab you might find her preparing for an opening of her artwork at MoMA, chatting with Vogue and Interview for upcoming articles, or lecturing at another major university somewhere in the world. Best of all, her work to improve industrial materials and processes is inspired by nature and ecology which explains why she wins awards in both design and sustainability. A scientist as cover girl leads us at Future-ish to propose two hypotheses: 1. smart is sexy and 2. smart is the new black. Watch out Tyra and Cindy, the era of glamour geeks has arrived.