Rugby, Maori style

The New Zealand national rugby team, the Allblacks, may all dress alike in their black uniforms, but one this is for sure...they will certainly never lose their identity as a team inspired and energized by Tikanga Maori (Maori ways of thiking, being, doing). The Allblacks start each match with their traditional war dance, the Haka. Sport, competition, and warrior-athletes have been a part of human culture for thousands of years around the world so its good to see that the Allblacks and other teams honor both sport and their culture with this modern tradition. A little surfing on YouTube and you'll also find the Somoan national team performing their Siva Tau, as well as Tonga with thier Sipi Tau and Fiji with their Cibi.

Below the Allblacks take on France in 2009:

And here the Allblacks take on Tonga who reply with their Sipi Tau: