SeanChron - 23andMe

I did it. I finally spit into the little plastic tube and sent it off to 23andMe, the company known for its 'genetic testing for health, disease, and ancestry'. It was the perfect Holiday 2010 project for the science, design, and culture geek in me. Science because of the very cool DNA and medical analyses that are now available at very affordable prices, design because 23andMe has done a great job with both their branding and UI, and culture because the ancestry data results absolutely fascinate me. I say project because it took over an hour to complete all the online surveys that go along with the DNA analysis. My middle name actually is "Gene" so I guess I was destined for a good bout of DNA analysis at some point in my life. Stay tuned...

12/29/10 - Just sent in my saliva sample. I'll keep this post updated as my results come in so come back soon and often.