2012 Stylish Scientist List

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Future-ish announced our second annual list of the world's most stylish scientists in October of 2012

The individuals on our list are changing the world with their innovative research and changing stereotypes every time they make an appearance expressing their oh-so-stylish selves.

Unlike a simple 'best dressed' list, our Stylish Scientist List isn't about trends and expensive labels, its about individuals expressing themselves and their individuality in their life and work. The individuals on the list prove that along with doing fascinating research, scientists are fascinating people, from athletes and techies to chefs and yes...even fashionistas.

We hope that our many and diverse stylish scientists will serve as role models to inspire everyone - from middle-schoolers and the Mom next door to movie stars and musicians - to become inspired, informed, and engaged in the numerous fields of science, technology, engineering, and math that are shaping our future.

Looking for even more stylish scientists? Check out Allie Wilkinson's This is What a Scientist Looks Like Tumblr or our Stylish Scientist label with posts from Olya Yarychkivska on her blog, Lunarka's Treasure Box.

Want to nominate a stylish scientist for our next list? Our selection committee looks at 10 diverse variables including things like involvement in science, design, and culture, unique hobbies, and of course...a great personal sense of style. To nominate someone, simply send an email with a pic and short bio of the scientist (self-nominations are fab too) to studioF/at/future-ish/dot/com.

The Most Stylish Scientists of 2012
The 2012 list includes a wide range of scientists and researchers, from neuroscientists and archaeologists to physicists and technology experts - and they all prove that it is possible to be a person of both substance and style.

Who made the list? Who is in the top slot...the world's most stylish scientist? Wait no further, the full 2012 Stylish Scientist List is here. We had so much response from our first Stylish Scientist List that we had to create a list for both women and men AND expand both lists to 20 individuals.

The 2012 most stylish scientists: Debbie Berebichez and Wallace J. Nichols.

The 2012 Stylish Scientist List - Women

Physicist and Financial Analyst, Dr. Debbie Berebichez

1. Debbie Berebichez | Physicist and Financial Analyst
2. Danielle N. Lee | Biologist and Hip Hop Mavin
3. Ayana Elizabeth | Marine Biologist
4. Holly Bik | Computational Biologist
5. Cynthia Breazeal | Social Robotics Pioneer
6. Judy Lee | Engineer and Industrial Designer
7. Temple Grandin | Animal Scientist, Autism Advocate
8. Neri Oxman | Materials Scientist and Designer
9. Vandana Shiva | Physicist and Activist
10. Feryal Özel | Astrophysicist
11. Nina Tandon | Biomedical Engineer
12. Summer Ash | Astrophysicist
13. Kelly Dobos | Cosmetic Chemist
14. Alice Roberts | Anatomist
15. Kara Cooney | Egyptologist
16. Sasha Kramer | Ecologist and Humanitarian
17. Lucie Green | Space Scientist
18. Cathy Davidson | Digital Innovation Researcher
19. Lisa Randall | Theoretical Physicist and Author
20. Amy Mainzer | Physicist

The 2012 Stylish Scientist List - Men

Marine Biologist and Activist, Wallace J. Nichols

1. Wallace J. Nichols | Marine Biologist and Activist
2. Oliver Harris | Archeologist
3. Don Vaughn | Neuroscientist, Model, and Musician
4. Nate Ball | Mechanical Engineer
5. Jarod Miller | Zoologist
6. Taylor Wilson | Nuclear Scientist
7. Fiorenzo Omenetto | Biophotonics Scientist
8. Daniel Schuman | Model
9. André Fenton | Neurobiologist
10. Parag Khanna | Geostrategist
11. Brian Cox | Particle Physicist
12. Bill Nye | The Science Guy
13. Aaron O'Connell | Physicist
14. Peter McGraw | Psychologist
15. Dylan Burdette | Structural biologist, musician, biker
16. Rick Fitzgerald | Space Scientist
17. Travis Taylor | Physicist
18. Carl Schoonover | Neuroscientist
19. Martin Hanczyc | Chemical Physicist
20. Garrett Lisi | Theoretical Physicist and Surfer

Commentary from our 2012 selection committee on some of the individuals on the list...
On Holly Bik: "with a blog tilted 'Haute Science', she's a shoe-in...literally"

On Temple Grandin: "one of the most stylish people I've ever come across, a true and pure personal style."

On Taylor Wilson: "clearly the Justin Bieber of nuclear physics."

On Bill Nye: "Bow ties are a big trend this year. OMG that means Bill Nye is totally on trend."

On Dylan Burdette: "We need more scientist bikers."

On Travis Taylor: "Proof that you can be a redneck and a scientist...we should clone this guy."

On Garrett Lisi: "Dude...the board shorts got him on the list and they are gonna keep him on the list."