2017 Stylish Scientist List

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Our 2017 most stylish scientists: Andrea Hadjikyriacou and Igor Stagljar

October 2017. Future-ish is pleased to announce our 7th annual list of the world's most stylish scientists.

The individuals on our list are changing the world with their innovative research and changing stereotypes every time they make an appearance expressing their oh-so-stylish selves.

Unlike a simple 'best dressed' list, our Stylish Scientist List isn't about trends and expensive labels, its about individuals expressing themselves and their individuality in their life and work. The individuals on the list prove that along with doing fascinating research, scientists are fascinating people, from athletes and techies to chefs and yes...even fashionistas.

We hope that our many and diverse stylish scientists will serve as role models to inspire everyone - from middle-schoolers and the Mom next door to movie stars and musicians - to become inspired, informed, and engaged in the numerous fields of science, technology, engineering, and math that shape our future, as well as help us understand the past.

The Most Stylish Scientists of 2017
The 2017 list includes a wide range of scientists and researchers, from neuroscientists and archaeologists to physicists and technology experts - and they all prove that it is possible to be a person of both substance and style. Best of all, in 2017 we added TWENTY FIVE more individuals to our lists.

Who made the list? Who is in the top spot...the world's most stylish scientist? Wait no further, the full 2017 Stylish Scientist List is here.

The 2017 most stylish scientists: Andrea Hadjikyriacou and Igor Stagljar.

Similar to last year, we listed the top 10 scientists on each list in order to recognize them for their outstanding efforts in science, science communication, STEM outreach, etc. We also included a separate listing of individuals added in 2017 similar to last year. The rest of our scientists for each list are then listed alphabetically in the full lists of women and men.

The 2017 Stylish Scientist List - Women

Andrea Hadjikyriacou

2017 Top 10 Stylish Scientists - Women
1. Andrea Hadjikyriacou | Molecular Biologist
2. Christina Ochoa | Actress, Scientist
3. Jessica Taffe | Global Health Scientist
4. Christine Liu | Neuroscientist
5. Michelle Barboza | Paleontologist
6. Debbie Berebichez | Physicist
7. Marga Gual Soler | Science Diplomat
8. AshleySaturn | Astronomer
9. Kellie Ann Jurado | Virologist
10. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein | Astrophysicist

2017 Additions - Women (full list here)
Rhys Archer | Materials Scientist
AshleySaturn | Astronomer
Michelle Barboza | Paleontologist
Kendall Beavon Forensic Scientist
Ceri Brenner | Physicist
Anne-Marie Carbonell | Biomedical Scientsist
Cherie De Vore | Environmental Health Scientist
Chantle Edillor | Geneticist
Sage Franch | Computer Programer
Alex Hanson | STEAM Journalist
Kellie Ann Jurado | Virologist
Caitlin Kupp | Engineer
Joslynn Lee | Chemist
Olympia LePoint | Aeronautics Engineer
Christine Liu | Neuroscientist
Gina Mantica | Biologist
Raquel Nuno | Planetary Scientist
Sophie Powell | Biochemist
Jaqueline So | Biotechnologist
Katy Wimberly | Astronomer

The 2017 Stylish Scientist List - Men

Igor Stagljar

2017 Top 10 Stylish Scientists - Men
1. Igor Stagljar | Molecular Biologist
2. Phil Torres | Entomologist
3. Abraham Khodadi | Pharmacist
4. Gregory Mack | Theoretical Astrophysicist
5. Derek Muller | Science Communicator
6. Yemi Jegeda | Mechanical Engineer
7. Noah Wilson Rich | Bee Scientist
8. Pradiip Alvarez | Astrophysicist
9. Brian Cox | Physicist, TV Host, Musician
10. David Close | Fisheries Biologist

2017 Additions - Men (full list here)
Iásón Mac Gabhann | Biochemist
James Hobson | Mechanical Engineer
Abraham Khodadi | Pharmacist
Alex Parker | Astronomer