Curly Hair Mafia Reviews Skyfall

What happens when a biologist, a chemist, and a mammalogist review sci-fi, horror, or fantasy shows? Nerdtastic hilarity! Join our three scientists – known as the Curly Hair Mafia – as they take down big films, popular TV series, and everything in between.

In this dispatch, the Curly Hair Mafia takes on their toughest target yet, the elusive Bond...James Bond that is. With a fondness for the franchise and more than a little crush on Daniel Craig, the ladies set their sights on the latest installation of the 007 saga, Skyfall. Mind you, no detail gets past the Curly Hair Mafia, from stolen plots and misplaced shower scenes to different writers and botched kill pills, the ladies carry out their review with precision and leave a string of successful hits behind them. But don't worry...with epic gadgets, clothes to die for, and overall high scores, the Curly Hair Mafia may have as many reasons to recommend Skyfall as they have marks against it.

Warning: spoilers, strong language, and a lot material that will make you laugh...HARD! Oh, and a lot of Bond Badassitude too.