SeanChron | Oprah's Ono Organics

Being a fan of organic farming and Maui, I was really pleased to see that Oprah has joined the growing list of celebrities that are getting into organic farming. In my opinion, the more celebs that support organic farming, the better as it only serves to raise awareness even more on the issues.

In true Oprah style, they debuted the farm in a big way...Oprah and long time friend Bob Greene were on the cover of the June 2013 O Magazine. The accompanying article on her farm venture, Dig It! How Oprah's Growing Healthier—and You Can Too, is packed full of great sustainable agriculture information and tips. Even better than just organic farming, they're doing their best to honor people and place throughout the process.

Oprah is working with Bio-Logical Capital, a company that specializes in sustainable agriculture and land development. Bio-Logical works in multiple states but I was impressed that they have a dedicated office and team in Hawaii. Maybe I'll have some of Oprah's ono produce in a restaurant next time on Maui.

Here's a great article on the Oprah's farm venture and Guy Kaulukukui, Hawaii Direcctor and Senior Vice President of Bio-Logical Capital in Maui News.