SeanChron | App Review | Strata

Weaving is a technology that crosses the ages. From ancient Celtic textiles found in Austria to futuristic techno fabrics and modern basketry that ranges from traditional designs and forms to abstract works of contemporary art, weaving will undoubtedly be around for centuries to come.

Now everyone can try their hand at weaving with a new iOS game app (web preview here) that offers budding digital artisans, from beginners to master weavers, the ability to weave their own little digital works of art. Without question, Strata by Graveck is a perfect puzzle game for the science, design, and culture geek (like me) because it offers a challenging task for the brain, beautiful graphics for the eye, and soothing soundtrack for the ears. Confession...sometimes I play just to hear the soundtrack which is comprised of short - but responsive - motivating violin and piano melodies.

Demos at the opening of the game describe the rules and tasks of the game and after a few tries, the game, the weaving technique, and the sublime yet triumphant soundtrack all conspire to make it - like any game - quite addictive. Non-weavers will certainly enjoy it but weavers will find it especially fun and challenging since there aren't many opportunities (yet) to weave digitally.

Click on the image below to go tot he Strata app on iTunes:

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