ChefSteps Shares Art and Science of Modernist Cuisine

Molecular gastronomy is becoming more and more popular and prevalent everyday. It's one thing to order it at a restaurant or see it on TV, it's a completely different thing to try to make it yourself. The techniques, the tools, and the time involved can all be overwhelming for any budding chef. Luckily, things like the Modernist Cuisine cookbook series are helping us try our hand at these new and innovative culinary methods.

Taking baby steps into the world of molecular gastronomy just got even easier. Seattle-based ChefSteps offers online courses to introduce even the most beginner of chefs to the tools and techniques of exceptional modern cuisine. Lead by Grant Lee Crilly, Ryan Matthew Smith, and Chris Young - several of the original Modern Cuisine team - the website, recipes, classes, and community developed by ChefSteps are both aesthetically appealing and accessible.

We particular love this quote from ChefSteps:
"Cooking is an ancient art and science, an accumulated body of knowledge passed down through generations, which we modify every day."
Here at Future-ish we coined a design style called 'Progress Chic' that references tried and true elements of life and design and then re-imagines them for the present. ChefSteps is a perfect example of this. Where molecular gastronomy offers many Progress Chic moments for food and restaurants broadly, ChefSteps does this for recipe instructions, cooking classes, and videos through it's almost poetic presentation methods.

So throw on your apron or labcoat (both would be appropriate) and get started on the essentials of spherification, sous vide, and whipping siphons!

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