SeanChron | Kapa-Dyeing Class

The many colors of Kapa dyes

2 August 2014 | I had the great pleasure and honor of taking a kapa-dyeing class during my recent vacation on Maui. Held at the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens, the class was led by Kumus Lisa Schattenburg-Raymond and Auntie Lei Ishikawa.

Kumus Lisa Schattenburg-Raymond and Aunty Lei Ishikawa leading the class

Maʻo hau hele (hibiscus) for blue Kapa dye

ʻUkiʻuki for blue Kapa dye

Maʻo hau hele afta boiled

Māmaki leaves for brown Kapa dye

Māmaki Kapa dye in action

Kalo ʻEleʻele (taro) for red Kapa dye

The product of my day of Kapa dyeing (though these swatches are actually cotton). Mahalo nui loa to Kumu Lisa and Kumu Lei for such a wonderful class! Da dyes are so nani!

Mahalo to Lisa and Auntie Lei for teaching such a wonderful class and to all my classmates for putting up with the haole. Can't wait to try some dyes at home.