SeanChron | Restaurant Review | Star Noodle

The Cowboy vs Samurai - muddled pear, jack, Pinot, lime sour, simple syrup, soda. This has been my favorite drink on the planet for several years now.

29 July 2014 | I have been to Star Noodle on Maui many times now and can guarantee that I will go back again and again...each time I visit Maui and for repeats during my vacation time on Maui. I actually went twice this current trip.

Although the location at the top of an industrial park area throws some people off, in many ways it makes the whole Start Noodle experience even more authentic. The atmosphere in fairly small space that makes up Star Noodle is modern yet comfortable and familiar and menu is short but descriptive for the many and diverse items that appear on it.

The bartenders are cocktail geniuses creating some of the best cocktails I have ever tasted, seriously (the Cowboy vs. Samurai is a must). And the never ceases to both satisfy and amaze me. I've had several of the food items below on previous trips and they seem better each time I have them. Now that I'm what I call a "Nebraskatarian" (no farmed meats of any sort, wild meat OK) I did have to pass on the out-of-this-world pork buns but I did add the shrimp this time...ONO! The malasadas are still some of the best I've had.

Prices do start to break into the pricey realm but you can do Star Noodle on a lower budget if you have strength and don't end up getting dish after dish.

Avi Avo - ahi with lemon pressed olive oil, sambal, usukuchi

Tempura Shrimp - colossal prawns, faux'nagi sauce, garlic aioli

Scallop Shots - wafu dashi, ginger, scallion, lemon EVOO

Orange, Ginger Margarita

And finish with the malasadas